what’s cool for kids this winter

cool kids winter fashionSeriously did I not just write about winter fashion for my girls like yesterday?! I know it is cliche but the years seem to be on fast forward these days! And with the years flying by my girls are growing up way too fast plus it seems miss 7’s ideas on fashion and what she will and won’t wear are becoming something I have to take into consideration when shopping.

On our most recent trip to shop for seasonal fashion from The Warehouse miss 7 really did call most of the shots & this time around we were not just shopping for girls fashion but boys too! I not only took miss 7 & 4 out shopping but my nephew master 8 as well and besides the almighty tantrum that miss 4 had as we left (never seen anything like it from not just her but any other child either) it was a great success.cool kids winter fashion

Starting with master 8 we went with some comfy but cool jean style track pants ($25) and a drop hem tshirt ($15, very in right now not just for boys but girls too) with on trend print along with some easy on & off velcro shell toe sneakers. This was all as easy as me showing my nephew 2 options & him choosing one, so quick & painless! Match this with a cool denim jacket or puffa jacket and they’ll stay warm and comfy.cool kids winter fashion

Next to choose was miss 7 and this was a little more involved, making sure to not choose anything too ‘frilly’ or ‘pink’ in her words, luckily there was a lot to choose from and eliminating from too many selections was our only issue.cool kids winter fashion

In the end animal prints won again with a cute long sleeve cat face top ($10) and leopard print vest for over top along with some stitch detailed jeans ($25, again wishing for them in my own size)cool kids winter fashion

Last but by no means least was miss 4 and quite possibly the easiest to please (at present) as she just likes to choose whatever her sister has, the only difference being some comfortable baggy jeans ($20) instead.cool kids winter fashion

All in all a successful winter fashion shopping trip, apart from the major tantrum as we left but hey that’s kids right?cool kids winter fashioncool kids winter fashion

Thanks to The Warehouse for partnering with us on this post.



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