updating our bedroom for summer

Heading into the warmer months (hopefully) has me a little excited and also adding all the summery touches where ever I can, the first being our master bedroom. In this post I will share with you the simple ways I have updated our bedroom for summer.

Paint – nothing gives a room a new lease on life like a fresh coat of paint. Our bedroom was the first room painted at the beginning of our ongoing home renos many, many years ago so not only did it need a tidy up but the antique white (creamy yellow) had to go.

We went with a blush pink called Friends on the main wall with a grey white called Manorburn Half on the others, these colours are both by Dulux Remember if you are painting the room yourself to put the time into the preparation first as this will give you the best results.

Also if you are unsure of what colours to use anywhere in your house or how to match them with existing colours, I highly recommend getting advice from an expert like Tina at Roomie.

Bedding – when it comes to bedding it is one thing I don’t like to scrimp on, we spend (well at least hope to) plenty of time in bed and when your bedding looks & feels, beautiful & luxurious I swear you sleep better.

Anyone who knows me even just a little, knows I am a longtime ‘plant lady’ and lover of all things green, so when I spotted the Lorne Green Duvet Cover from Logan & Mason it was a ‘have to have’ being of the highest quality it not only has the green I love but also that luxurious look & feel that I love, plus they have Super King size which in my experience can be quite difficult to get your hands on when it comes to beautiful duvet covers.

Logan & Mason are an Auckland based online store offering a very comprehensive range of stunning bedding & to be honest I already have my eyes on a couple more duvets like this one here & also this one, the wishlist continues to go on! To add a little extra texture, warmth and interest I also have the Logan & Mason Montana Throw at the end of our bed.

Lighting – this was as simple as changing up the pendant light shade from something white & very plain to something with a little more detail, we went with a bamboo cloche style light shade from Collected, it not only adds some interest and texture to the room but when the light is on we get the most beautiful shadows on the walls.

Bedside lamps are also important if you are reader like me, we just have the one that we have had since forever so I am still on the look out for another.

Decorate the walls – this goes without saying for any room but remember to think outside the norm, it does not just have to be framed prints or photos. Adding texture and using different shapes all help to add interest.

For our bedroom I have gone with some of my hats & jewelry on one wall paired with a smokey glass brass framed mirror from The Warehouse and on the opposite wall some shelving, giving us space for our perfume & aftershave as well as display a few treasures. The brass & glass shelves are also from The Warehouse.

A picture ledge shelf is also a great way to be able to display, photos and artwork and be able to change them up as often as you like, we got ours from Shut The Front Door Store. Remember if you have recently painted to give the paint a good chance to dry before adding anything to the walls.

Plants and Flowers – this is a must have for me of course, I really don’t think there is anything better than a good indoor plant or bunch of fresh flowers next to the bed, I especially love a little draping chain of hearts in the bedroom, both plants in our room have been grown from cuttings of bigger plants in the house.

Of course if you either struggle to keep plants alive or the pollen from flowers gives you allergies there are some amazing fake ones out there these days too that you can use instead, just remember to give them a good dust often.

Scent – it can be the littlest of details that make the biggest difference, one of my most favourite bedroom touches is scent. I love to use L’Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist, I waited months to be able to get my hands on this stuff when my first little sample bottle ran out, it smells divine and also looks pretty next to the bed, just spray some on your pillows 5 minutes before bed. I also love to wash my linen using the Adairs Aroma Wash in Retreat it honestly makes everything smell like an exotic summer holiday! Candles are of course great for scent too but I don’t burn them in my bedroom for obvious safety reasons, they still give a lovely scent when not lit though and look pretty next to the bed.

All opinions and thoughts in my posts are my own and feature products that I genuinely love. Thanks to Logan & Mason for the gifted duvet cover and throw and The Warehouse for gifted mirror and shelving. All other products were purchased from the listed stores.




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