It’s true a pair of shoes can change your life…

oxford shoes can change your life

They say Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, and well, I think they might be right! I have recently started wearing what are easily my most favourite shoes to date – the fact that they are both stylish & comfortable (yes, that is possible in a shoe) has changed my life. And a pair could change yours too as I have a pair to GIVEAWAY so make sure you to read to the bottom.

Back before I was a busy mum of two, I had no issue with wearing uncomfortable shoes out all day or all night (back when I could stay out all night). Shoes that quite literally left me hobbling for days after, all because they looked good and that was all that mattered. These days I tend to find myself wearing some form of sneaker more often than I would like to admit to for comfort’s sake, and also to be able to keep up with my two energetic girls.

BUT after recently deciding to update my wardrobe a little (okay a lot!), and also wanting to dress up and wear make up for more than just special occasions, I have had to reassess my standard sneaker go to. They don’t go with everything and you can’t really dress them up, PLUS who knew that a lot of those sneakers can actually be really uncomfortable?!

So an update in my wardrobe lead to an update in shoes – and for me this update came in the form of a pair of Oxford-style Orions from the new limited edition designer collection at Ziera. These shoes are not only beautifully made, stylish and easy to wear with practically anything, but seriously comfortable too. They also have the Ziera Your Feet Your Fit system, which means with the help of handy inserts you can tailor the shoes to fit your feet – soooooo good!

Seeing as I am all about my new wardrobe at the moment I thought I would share with you just how versatile these shoes are and some of my favourite outfits paired with my new favourite shoes.

oxford shoes can change your life
Ziera Orion Shoes, Max Fashions Jeans, Decjuba Long Sleeved Knit and Dotti Sherpa Vest

I love to wear jeans and the Ziera Orions go perfectly with jeans, a simple black knit top and a cute sherpa vest; the perfect outfit for coffee with friends or a spot of shopping.

oxford shoes can change your life
Ziera Orion Shoes, Decjuba Constance Shirt, Queen of the Foxes lace braletteDecjuba black pants & Amelia Boland tan leather pouch


A new favourite edition to my updated wardrobe is the simple shirt. Paired with my Ziera Orions and some plain black pants, this is perfect for a day at the office or meeting friends for lunch.

oxford shoes can change your life
Ziera Orion shoes, Glassons hat & print dress, Cotton On sunnies & bracelets from Lindi Kingi

I am making an effort to wear more dresses and more colour, and my Ziera Orions look perfect paired with tights and a pretty dress. An outfit to be worn for any special occasion or just because you feel like it, of course.


I could not be happier with my new Ziera Orion shoes, and they have changed my life. I can now still wear stylish shoes without compromising on comfort at all and I already have my eyes on not one but two other pairs! PLUS I am lucky enough to be able to share the new-shoe love with one lucky reader as I have a pair of your choice up to the value of $300 from the Ziera range to giveaway.

WINNER IS KAREN ELLIOT – please email me to claim your prize!

oxford shoes can change your life

Thanks to Ziera Shoes for making this post possible.



14 thoughts on “It’s true a pair of shoes can change your life…

  1. The Orion for me! It’s stylish. It’s versatile. And by all accounts comfortable (most important when chasing 3 ankle biters!). It’s perfect in every way!

  2. I have been lusting after the Pia boots in grey snake-skin since I saw them in a magazine – I’m so desperate for some boots that look killer during meetings and the school run but don’t pinch, squash or make me hobble like a teenager after a late night partying! The Lana is very very cool too. Ziera have sooo stepped up their game – I like so much of their range now!

  3. Oh the Zara in Bronze is just to die for. I’m a size 42 -43 and it breaks my heart to see beautiful shoes that don’t come in my size. Great shoes can change the way you feel about yourself and so oftern us big feeted beauti’s miss out on that feeling.

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