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I love taking photos, I possibly take too many but there are worse things to do too much of right? Up until recently the majority (if not all) of my photos remained on my phone or if I was feeling really organised loaded into folders on my computer and the idea of getting them printed was just one of those things I kept telling myself I would get around to one day, then I discovered the Printicular app by Warehouse Stationery, you may remember me talking about this app over on my Facebook or Instagram pages just before Christmas.

Printicular is seriously the best! I can choose the photos I want to print then order directly from my phone and my photos are ready to pick up by the next day, sometimes even earlier or you can have them delivered to your door! You can download the Printicular app for free from either Google Play or iTunes and from there it is super simple to use.

Of course once you have your beautiful prints in your hands the next step is to make sure you display them. There are lots of ways to do this and I thought I would share with you ways in which to do this that cost next to nothing and also give you the flexibility of changing up the displays each time you get new photos printed.

I recently created a photoboard for my girls bedroom using a cork memo board, some string/twine, push pins and mini wooden pegs (all purchased from Warehouse Stationery) I decided on this type of display for the girls room to make it easy for them to change up the photos themselves without the photos getting damaged and no pin holes in the walls.IMG_20160511_175310It was a simple as measuring 3 pieces of string then tying each end around a pin and pressing them into the cork board, then pegging the photos on. You could always add some patterned or coloured paper to the board first to give it a bright background, I think some polka dot or striped paper would look cool.

It looks great on the girls shelves at the moment and this makes it easy to take down and add new photos to or it could also go on the wall if you wanted to make it more permanent. Something like this also makes a great gift.IMG_20160511_175158An even simpler way to display your Printicular prints is with good old blu tak, you can create almost any kind of display for any room, that can be added to over and over again. Its best to lay out your photos on a flat surface first and play around with the layout until you get it looking just how you want, I then take a photo with my phone so that I can remember where each one goes when I put it up on the wall.IMG_20160511_174901Using the square prints from Printicular you can create all sorts of shapes, hearts, crosses, Christmas trees even they even look great as a long line of photos stretching from side of the wall to another.IMG_20160511_174824Another idea is to group photos by colour or theme, the example below uses photos all with blues and greens and a nature theme. You can even make a point of going out and taking photos with a theme in mind. Maybe get the kids involved and choose a colour or theme to go with. Places like beaches, garden centres and parks are great for finding beautiful things to take photos of.IMG_20160511_175021One of my favourite displays is this rainbow of colours that I currently have in my living room using mostly pictures of flowers, leaves, blue skies and water. It took a while to get the layout just as I wanted but I love the end result.

I have a $100 Warehouse Stationery voucher to GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner, just tell me in the comments below what you most like to take photos of then head over to the Facebook post here and tag a friend who might like to enter as well. The winner will be drawn Monday 18th of July and announced here on the blog.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible.



5 thoughts on “Simple Photo Print Display Projects

  1. Love taking photos on our regular bush walks with the kids, there’s so much to see and photograph in the bush – bonus if we end up at a waterfall!

  2. I love taking photos of my two year old – when he sits still long enough to let me take a picture. Failing that I love the great outdoors and capturing that!

  3. How did I not know about this app!! I’ve been taking piccys of my wee sons NICU hospital journey and have been popping into warehouse stationery to print out when I get a mo – love that you can pre order! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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