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Welcome to my first blog of 2017, NEW, TRIED & TRUE! I am someone who loves trying & buying new things. I also love to talk about the products & places that I go back to time & time again so I thought it was about time I started sharing such things here more often.

These things, products & places  I share here with you maybe new or they may have been around for awhile but they will have always been tried personally by me. They will all be things that I honestly like whether I have purchased them myself or been gifted them.  I will always try to do my best to give you any more info I may have, like where to buy them, try them or visit them, but of course if you want to know more please ask & I will do my best to find out.

Here are the first of my new, tried & true:

NEW: Manuka Doctors Foot & Heel Cream – I have been using this stuff for a few weeks now and I LOVE it and so do my feet. I find that over summer the amount of time I spend with either bare feet or in jandals (I am a true kiwi girl!) do not do my poor soles any good! This cream has not only repaired that damage but has also improved the condition of feet in general. It feels and smells amazing without having too much of an overpowering scent from the peppermint and gives some good cooling relief too. Seriously try it! Your feet will thank you for it I promise.  You can purchase this from Manuka Doctor in store or online and at selected Farmers stores. RRP $19.75 (75ml)

NEW: My Mesh Midi Skirt from Glassons – This is a new addition to my wardrobe which I have already worn countless times both to work and just out & about during the weekends, looks great with heels, ankle boots or trainers. I love that it is a mixture of both a mid length and mini skirt in one and the feel of it on is light & breezy, yet you are still well covered, perfect for those of us who not wanting to rock the mini skirts all the time….if at all! Word of caution – make sure the mini underneath is not tucked up into your knickers! It hasn’t happened to me (yet!) but I think it could easily as the length of the mesh skirt over top can give you that false sense of everything sitting ‘A OK’ when it actually isn’t! $39.99 Glassons online or in-store.

(pic from Glassons – not me)

TRIED: I have some begonias growing in my garden for the first time ever this summer and I am really enjoying them, especially the bright pink variety below, against the turquoise of the planter. They have been so easy to look after and are thriving, to the point that I might have to give growing some from cuttings a go.  Another garden favourite at the time of year are cosmos, super easy to grow from seed or seedlings and they make a beautiful show both in the garden or as a cut flower too. Be sure to save the dead seed heads from the cosmos to plant again making for free flowers the following year! Begonia seedlings & Cosmos seeds or seedlings can be found pretty much anywhere that sells plants.

TRUE: Something I have been enjoying for a long while now is my Nutra Organics Clean Protein powder from Natural Things, this is my always ingredient when it comes to my morning smoothies and for a pea based protein it tastes delicious (some I have tried have not been anywhere near as good) and I personally just prefer pea protein over whey protein. Current favourite smoothie combo is 1/2 almond milk, 1/2 water, 1/2 medium frozen banana, 1 TBS of Nutra Organics protein powder choc or vanilla, 1 tsp of chia seeds and either a handful of kale or baby spinach leaves, YUM!!! Of course you can pretty much add whatever you like because smoothies are good like that. $59.95 from Natural Things.

So those are my very first NEW,TRIED & TRUE, I have tried to keep it short & sweet not only for you but so that I can continue to keep this up and keep sharing these things with you.

If you end up trying any of the things above or if you have something or somewhere you think I should give a go, be sure to let me know!





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