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IMG_20160610_123429While winter brings beautiful frosty mornings, gorgeous heavy coats, toasty nights by the fire and plenty of hot chocolates, it’s also the season for getting sick.

However, our busy lives mean health care usually becomes a priority when it’s a little too late – it’s a matter of recovery from that sore throat and sniffle that you’ve already caught, rather than prevention. With my fair share of experience in the cold and flu department, I thought I should share a few tried and tested tips for feeling better faster when you’re unwell – including my favourite products for keeping my family well in the winter. My cupboards are currently stuffed with Comvita products because they’re packed full of powerful natural ingredients which build immunity and keep those dreaded colds and coughs at bay.
Here goes…

Let everyone know that you’re sick – When you’re unwell, it’s super important to let people know. Not only will this allow them to take precautions to avoid catching any germs off you but, it also enables them to help you out so that you can focus on getting better. Don’t try and be a martyr or a supermum; tell your colleagues, tell your family, tell your friends… you never know who might pop round with that much-needed bowl of chicken soup!

Get lots of sleep – This may sound obvious, and it may be the only thing you feel like doing, but it works wonders! Getting some shuteye lets your body recharge and then use all the saved up energy to combat illness. As your mum and every medical practitioner has always said, aim for 8 to 10 hours of sleep each day as well as regular naps. Make sure you’ve got tissues, medication, a water bottle and some reading material close by to save you from continuously jumping in and out of bed.IMG_20160521_135047

Take a bath – Run a warm bath, sprinkle in some bath salts, pop on some soft music and just soak. Not only will a warm bath help you to relax, the steam also helps to ease congestion, sore throats and lets you breathe again. Adding epsom salts helps to ease those nasty aches and pains, draw out toxins and supply sulfur and magnesium. If you don’t have a bath, steam from a hot shower will do the trick too.

Eat plenty and healthily – It’s so easy not to eat, or eat poorly, when you’re sick – cooking and eating is the last thing you feel like doing! Even if you’re not hungry, push yourself to eat something so you’re still giving your body the nutrients and energy it needs to heal. The healthier, the better, so go nuts on fruit and vege – but a bit of comfort food is totally OK too. If you’re struggling with solids, try a smoothie (keep dairy to a minimum though) or soup.IMG_20160201_201229

Do something that makes you happy – While you should keep activity to a minimum when you’re under the weather – your body needs your energy to recover from illness not exertion – doing something you enjoy will make you feel better. Keep positive and do something positive instead of dwelling in your misery and your pyjamas – the power of a positive attitude is amazing. Make the most of this rare downtime, get lost in a good book or binge watch that TV series you’ve been dying to see.

Stay hydrated – Drinking lots of water is important when you’re feeling 100% so it’s even more important when you’re sick. Keeping your fluids up will help flush out the germs and prevent dehydration. Of course the amount you should be drinking varies from person to person depending on your size, activity level and climate so, do some research and testing to figure out what’s best for you. Your best beverage options while sick are hot tea, water and juice – yes, dairy, alcohol, soda and caffeine are ‘fluids’, but keeping them up isn’t going to help.IMG_20160403_152342

Medicate – All the tips above will definitely help you to recover faster but, often we need a little helping hand from elixirs, lozenges etc. As I mentioned earlier, my favourite products for boosting my family’s immune system and getting rid of our sniffs and snivels are from the Comvita Winter Wellness range. 13 products full of all the good stuff: locally-sourced natural active ingredients including Manuka honey, propolis, echinacea, zinc and olive leaf extract – something for every symptom and every member of our family. My girls are big fans of the Lemon and Honey Lollipops – lozenges that are both fun to eat and don’t have the “yucky taste” of normal medicines. Comvita has been lovely enough to give me an amazing discount code to share with you guys so your family can stay well this winter too! Use the code ‘Comvita2016‘ at the online store checkout for 20% off the Comvita Winter Wellness range (valid until 22 August 2016).IMG_20160724_220355

So there are my top tips for feeling better faster when that nasty cold strikes! Fingers crossed you won’t need to use them in the first place – prevention is key so make the most of that Comvita discount and start building your immunity NOW – but, if you do, you know what to do.

I would love to hear any of your tips for feeling better faster so, share them with me in the comments below!

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