How to create a winter oasis in your bathroom

IMG_20160615_070721Winter is well and truly here which means chilly temperatures, dark evenings and more time indoors. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a warm, dry and cozy home. Our family has ticked off warm and dry with a great heating and ventilation system, powered by Genesis Energy, but creating a cozy home is a little less straightforward. When you switch to Genesis Energy’s 12 month Happy Winter plan, you will save up to $250 off your first electricity bill*. With the money I saved, I decided to redecorate, starting with the bathroom since it’s newly renovated.

Bathrooms are often overlooked when decorating due to their practical purpose, but I think they have a huge effect on the overall feel of a house as well as the mood of the occupants – after all, most of us start and finish our days in the bathroom! Keep reading on to find out how to create a winter oasis in your bathroom (whether your bathroom is new or old) and get in the draw to WIN $100 to help you on your way!

Things to consider when redecorating your bathroom for winter:

Soft furnishings – In winter, there’s nothing better than getting out of the shower/bath, stepping on to a soft bath mat and wrapping yourself up in a big, fluffy towel. My favourite pieces are from the Sheridan range which you can get at Farmers. Soft furnishings are also a great way to incorporate a bit of colour. For practicality, I usually stick with a neutral colour palette for everyday bath towels and flannels, but mix it up with a feature hand towel/bath mat in a bold colour or print. I really enjoy pushing the boat out in winter and not sticking to the norm!

Products – A luxurious body wash or bath bomb can take your bath/shower to the next level and help you to fully relax. An accompanying body lotion, oil or butter will give your skin a much needed boost of hydration and sort out any of the dryness that often comes with winter.

Candles – Adding delicious scented candles to a room not only plays to our sense of smell, widely considered the strongest sense, but also brings mood lighting. Light the candles, flick off the lights, pop some soft music on and you’ve got your very own spa! In winter I tend to lean towards warmer scents which are more nutty/spicy/fruity – my current favourite is warm amber and peach from New Zealand brand Camille Co.

Plants – A bit of greenery can really bring that special something to a room. I prefer real plants as they purify the air but, if you’re a bit of a gardening novice, faux plants will totally do the trick. You feel confident with house plants some great options for your bathroom are indoor ferns, spider plants, orchids and peace lilies.


Storage – Coordinated soap dishes/dispensers, toothbrush holders and tumblers/canisters make a bathroom look polished and tidy. This is a great opportunity to add a touch of marble or metallic for a really on-trend look.

Hard furnishings – To bring it all together, you need to add some hard furnishings to display all of your new pieces and help keep things organised. Stools are a great option if you have a bath as they can easily be moved around and serve as a side table to hold books, cups of tea etc. while in the bath, of course. If you’re a bit pushed for floor space, a floating shelf looks clean and is really easy to install.

Using the money you save by switching to Genesis Energy* and ideas from above you’ll be able to create a unique winter oasis in your bathroom and an overall cozier home!

WINNER IS RENEE KAYE – please email me with your address for delivery of your prize!

Thanks to Genesis Energy I have a $100 Prezzy Card to give away! This, along with the money you save by switching to Genesis Energy* can be put towards some lush new items to make your bathroom look and feel amazing! Comment below and tell me how you make your home winter ready and you’ll be in the draw! The winner will be selected and announced here, on the blog, on Wednesday August 31st!

*12 month fixed term. T&Cs apply. Find out more here.

Thanks to Genesis Energy for sponsoring this post and providing me with $250 credit on a Genesis Energy Happy Winter plan.




3 thoughts on “How to create a winter oasis in your bathroom

  1. A few years ago my grandma got me a gorgeous woolen blanket. It’s so soft and warm so that’s always one of the first things I get out to prep for winter. I also make sure that I’ve got a good supply of movies/tv shows to watch and plenty of firewood.

  2. We get out the extra thick throws for warmth (and they look inviting), put the big shaggy rug in front of the fire place and hidden from view, electric blanket on the bed!

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