updating our bedroom for summer

Heading into the warmer months (hopefully) has me a little excited and also adding all the summery touches where ever I can, the first being our master bedroom. In this post I will share with you the simple ways I have updated our bedroom for summer.

Paint – nothing gives a room a new lease on life like a fresh coat of paint. Our bedroom was the first room painted at the beginning of our ongoing home renos many, many years ago so not only did it need a tidy up but the antique white (creamy yellow) had to go.

We went with a blush pink called Friends on the main wall with a grey white called Manorburn Half on the others, these colours are both by Dulux Remember if you are painting the room yourself to put the time into the preparation first as this will give you the best results.

Also if you are unsure of what colours to use anywhere in your house or how to match them with existing colours, I highly recommend getting advice from an expert like Tina at Roomie.

Bedding – when it comes to bedding it is one thing I don’t like to scrimp on, we spend (well at least hope to) plenty of time in bed and when your bedding looks & feels, beautiful & luxurious I swear you sleep better.

Anyone who knows me even just a little, knows I am a longtime ‘plant lady’ and lover of all things green, so when I spotted the Lorne Green Duvet Cover from Logan & Mason it was a ‘have to have’ being of the highest quality it not only has the green I love but also that luxurious look & feel that I love, plus they have Super King size which in my experience can be quite difficult to get your hands on when it comes to beautiful duvet covers.

Logan & Mason are an Auckland based online store offering a very comprehensive range of stunning bedding & to be honest I already have my eyes on a couple more duvets like this one here & also this one, the wishlist continues to go on! To add a little extra texture, warmth and interest I also have the Logan & Mason Montana Throw at the end of our bed.

Lighting – this was as simple as changing up the pendant light shade from something white & very plain to something with a little more detail, we went with a bamboo cloche style light shade from Collected, it not only adds some interest and texture to the room but when the light is on we get the most beautiful shadows on the walls.

Bedside lamps are also important if you are reader like me, we just have the one that we have had since forever so I am still on the look out for another.

Decorate the walls – this goes without saying for any room but remember to think outside the norm, it does not just have to be framed prints or photos. Adding texture and using different shapes all help to add interest.

For our bedroom I have gone with some of my hats & jewelry on one wall paired with a smokey glass brass framed mirror from The Warehouse and on the opposite wall some shelving, giving us space for our perfume & aftershave as well as display a few treasures. The brass & glass shelves are also from The Warehouse.

A picture ledge shelf is also a great way to be able to display, photos and artwork and be able to change them up as often as you like, we got ours from Shut The Front Door Store. Remember if you have recently painted to give the paint a good chance to dry before adding anything to the walls.

Plants and Flowers – this is a must have for me of course, I really don’t think there is anything better than a good indoor plant or bunch of fresh flowers next to the bed, I especially love a little draping chain of hearts in the bedroom, both plants in our room have been grown from cuttings of bigger plants in the house.

Of course if you either struggle to keep plants alive or the pollen from flowers gives you allergies there are some amazing fake ones out there these days too that you can use instead, just remember to give them a good dust often.

Scent – it can be the littlest of details that make the biggest difference, one of my most favourite bedroom touches is scent. I love to use L’Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist, I waited months to be able to get my hands on this stuff when my first little sample bottle ran out, it smells divine and also looks pretty next to the bed, just spray some on your pillows 5 minutes before bed. I also love to wash my linen using the Adairs Aroma Wash in Retreat it honestly makes everything smell like an exotic summer holiday! Candles are of course great for scent too but I don’t burn them in my bedroom for obvious safety reasons, they still give a lovely scent when not lit though and look pretty next to the bed.

All opinions and thoughts in my posts are my own and feature products that I genuinely love. Thanks to Logan & Mason for the gifted duvet cover and throw and The Warehouse for gifted mirror and shelving. All other products were purchased from the listed stores.


Simple Photo Print Display Projects


I love taking photos, I possibly take too many but there are worse things to do too much of right? Up until recently the majority (if not all) of my photos remained on my phone or if I was feeling really organised loaded into folders on my computer and the idea of getting them printed was just one of those things I kept telling myself I would get around to one day, then I discovered the Printicular app by Warehouse Stationery, you may remember me talking about this app over on my Facebook or Instagram pages just before Christmas.

Printicular is seriously the best! I can choose the photos I want to print then order directly from my phone and my photos are ready to pick up by the next day, sometimes even earlier or you can have them delivered to your door! You can download the Printicular app for free from either Google Play or iTunes and from there it is super simple to use.

Of course once you have your beautiful prints in your hands the next step is to make sure you display them. There are lots of ways to do this and I thought I would share with you ways in which to do this that cost next to nothing and also give you the flexibility of changing up the displays each time you get new photos printed.

I recently created a photoboard for my girls bedroom using a cork memo board, some string/twine, push pins and mini wooden pegs (all purchased from Warehouse Stationery) I decided on this type of display for the girls room to make it easy for them to change up the photos themselves without the photos getting damaged and no pin holes in the walls.IMG_20160511_175310It was a simple as measuring 3 pieces of string then tying each end around a pin and pressing them into the cork board, then pegging the photos on. You could always add some patterned or coloured paper to the board first to give it a bright background, I think some polka dot or striped paper would look cool.

It looks great on the girls shelves at the moment and this makes it easy to take down and add new photos to or it could also go on the wall if you wanted to make it more permanent. Something like this also makes a great gift.IMG_20160511_175158An even simpler way to display your Printicular prints is with good old blu tak, you can create almost any kind of display for any room, that can be added to over and over again. Its best to lay out your photos on a flat surface first and play around with the layout until you get it looking just how you want, I then take a photo with my phone so that I can remember where each one goes when I put it up on the wall.IMG_20160511_174901Using the square prints from Printicular you can create all sorts of shapes, hearts, crosses, Christmas trees even they even look great as a long line of photos stretching from side of the wall to another.IMG_20160511_174824Another idea is to group photos by colour or theme, the example below uses photos all with blues and greens and a nature theme. You can even make a point of going out and taking photos with a theme in mind. Maybe get the kids involved and choose a colour or theme to go with. Places like beaches, garden centres and parks are great for finding beautiful things to take photos of.IMG_20160511_175021One of my favourite displays is this rainbow of colours that I currently have in my living room using mostly pictures of flowers, leaves, blue skies and water. It took a while to get the layout just as I wanted but I love the end result.

I have a $100 Warehouse Stationery voucher to GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner, just tell me in the comments below what you most like to take photos of then head over to the Facebook post here and tag a friend who might like to enter as well. The winner will be drawn Monday 18th of July and announced here on the blog.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible.

gorgeously organised

gorgeously organisedI am one of those people who is always inspired to be more organised when I have new stationery, and when I saw the latest Marble Collection range from Uniti it was a case of “I have to have!” Because not only is it beautiful but a lot of the pieces are perfect for gorgeous organisation – it’s a thing! Make sure to read to the end as I have quite the giveaway for those who love stationery.gorgeously organised

The new Uniti Marble Collection range is exclusive to Warehouse Stationery. Beautiful marble, pastel pinks & greens with gold accents, make this a gorgeous collection of items ranging from goodies like folders, file boxes & clip boards to stunning notebooks, to-do lists and my personal favourite, the budget planner.gorgeously organised

Heading into a new financial year I am determined to be more organised than I have ever been with my personal finances and the Marble Collection budget planner actually has me feeling quite excited about being financially organised – who knew that could happen?! Seriously this planner has little adhesive flags, three sheets of stickers – YES STICKERS for grown ups – and little pockets throughout for things like receipts etc. Plus a cool little magnetic page marker LOVE!gorgeously organised

Another favourite is the Marble Boxed Set which of course can be used for gifts (or even as a gift by themselves they are that pretty) but in my case I am going to use these for storing my ever-growing collection of washi tape, USB sticks and all of those other little things that never seem to have a home.gorgeously organised

Prices are super affordable (starting at only $7.99) making the Marble Collection perfect for kitting yourself out with new equipment to become gorgeously organised.

COMPETITION CLOSED – The winner is Anna Oosterkamp, please email me or Facebook message me with your best delivery address.

And to help one person out in becoming more organised I have a $100 Warehouse Stationery  voucher to GIVEAWAY. Just comment below telling me which item from above would make you more organised, then head to the Facebook post here and tag a couple of friends who might also like to enter. Competition is open to NZ residents only and will close Sunday 9pm 22nd May. The winner will be announced here on the blog the following day.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible.

my must visit homeware stores in Melbourne


Melbourne CBD from Crown MetropolOne of my most favourite cities to visit in the world is Melbourne and one of my most favourite things to do is visit (and shop in) homeware stores, of course Melbourne is known for fantastic shopping in general and has some of the best homeware stores you could possibly hope to visit. After my most recent visit, I thought I would put together a post of some of my personal favourite, must visit homeware stores in Melbourne.

Before I begin, know that I am more than happy to check out & shop in chain stores like Kmart but also LOVE browsing and shopping in beautifully unique design stores too. My must visit list is very much a mish mash of higher end designer stores through to the likes of chain stores like H&M, it is not a list of just designer stores or vice versa. So in no particular order here are some of my faves from my most recent trip in March.

H&M Home – 350 Bourke Street Melbourne CBD

H&M Home
H&M Home
H&M Home

I love shopping at H&M Home because there is such a huge selection, there is everything you can think of including unique party wares (I bought the coolest paper plates & napkins) and fantastic stuff for kids bedrooms, everything is reasonably priced plus I love the way the homewares are displayed. Of course shopping for homewares when travelling does mean you can be restricted with what & how much you can buy but it did not stop me here, I managed to get beautiful 100% cotton pillowcases, a cool laundry hamper bag for the girls, a lovely brass candle holder and the cool paper party plates and napkins – all easily squeezed into my suitcase.

H&M Home
My H&M pillowcases
My H&M pillowcases

Norsu Interiors – 356 Wattletree Road, Malvern East VIC

Norsu Interiors - Melbourne homewares
Norsu Interiors

Now Norsu Interiors has been on my must visit list for ages and this time around I made sure I got out there. The prints they have in store are amazing as is everything to be honest, if I could of taken home the whole store home I would have, but I only walked away with the latest issue of my fave Adore magazine and a design letters plate for my girls….I will be leaving more room in my suitcase next time. If you are on Instagram they have one of the most beautiful accounts so make sure to check them out here.

Norsu Interiors
Norsu Interiors

Signed & Numbered – 7A Degreaves Street, Melbourne CBD or 153 Greville Street, Prahran

Signed & Numbered Degreaves Street
Signed & Numbered Degreaves Street

This shop stole my heart on my very first visit to Melboure and also introduced me to the work of a very talented artist Clare Toms I have purchased many prints, books and decorative plates from Signed & Numbered, the selection is never disappointing and the only problem is trying to choose between everything that is soooo good. Both of the stores are just amazing and the Prahran store is also the home to Ivy Muse which is a must see stop for any plant lover just for the indoor plant inspiration!

Ivy Muse
Ivy Muse

West Elm – 464 Chapel St, South Yarra or Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road

West Elm
West Elm

I LOVE these stores and to be honest I think one of the biggest draw cards is the beautiful plant stations that they have which is also frustrating as I can’t take any of it home but there are so many ideas and the displays are so beautiful. There are of course plenty of other beautiful things to look at……and buy. I kept myself fairly restrained and only bought a brass horseshoe, purely decorative but oh my I love how it now looks on  top of a stack of books my coffee table!

Melbourne homeware stores
West Elm
West Elm
West Elm

Pottery Barn – Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

I am not going to lie one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Pottery Barn was due to the Friends episode ‘The One with the Apothecary Table’ but it was well worth it. What is really cool is that you actually get 4 stores in one, there is West Elm that I mentioned above plus Williams Sonoma & Pottery Barn Kids and you can walk back & forth in between them all. I did not buy anything here because quite simply I could not make up my mind but top of my list was the beautiful kids bedding at Pottery Barn Kids plus everything in their Easter display and I wanted all the vases at Pottery Barn too.

Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids

So there are just some of the stores I urge you check out when visiting Melbourne, as I said a mixed bag of all sorts, something for everyone. There is also of course Ikea and as someone who had never been I am glad that I took the time to visit whilst visiting Melbourne in the past, it is easy enough to get to on the trams and an experience even if you leave with nothing (but I bet you don’t)

And because I know I will be back in Melbourne again sometime soon….you cannot keep me away! A few places that are on my list for next time include Fenton & Fenton, The Family Love Tree, Scout House and Bonnie & Neil plus another visit to Ikea and maybe Target too just to keep it all balanced.

I also visited some beautiful stores in both Daylesford & Bendigo, Victoria but that is another post all of it’s own that I will share soon.



Wanderlust – a whole new world of stationery


Wanderlust Uniti 11

So, last time I posted about the new range from Uniti at Warehouse Stationery you guys went crazy for it! For that reason, I thought it was only fair to share some of their latest offerings with you and, a little GIVEAWAY too!

The new range from Uniti is called Wanderlust and, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Exclusive to Warehouse Stationery, Uniti Wanderlust is a beautiful collection of travel-inspired items ranging from goodies for everyday, like desk organisers, travel mugs and notebooks, to travel pieces for summer getaways, such as document wallets, passport holders & luggage tags!

Prices are super affordable (starting at only $7.99) making Wanderlust perfect for kitting yourself out with new equipment for an organised fresh start in the New Year!

Here are some of my favourites PLUS, there is plenty more to check out in store and online too! Keep scrolling to win some of these stunning pieces for yourself.






WINNER is Kate MacFadyen CONGRATULATIONS please contact me here or on my Facebook page with your best delivery address.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible.

how to make your dream outdoor living space a reality

outdoor living0107Summer is coming! Which means more time outside! So in preparation for all that sun & also for those nights spent outside having BBQ’s & drinks with friends, I decided to give our outdoor space a bit of a tidy up & makeover. I was thinking “holidays at home” an outdoor fireplace, some new pots & plants and a few other things to create ourselves a functional and stylish outdoor room for the summer nights ahead and what better place to go but Mitre 10 with our Gem Visa card.

There are so many different options when it comes to outdoor decorating.  At Mitre 10 there is everything from BBQ’s, pizza ovens, outdoor furniture, outdoor heating, umbrellas and more AND with Gem Visa creating the perfect outdoor space is even easier with 6 months interest free on Gem Visa purchases over $250*.

To create the perfect outdoor room there are a couple of must haves:

Shade – In the NZ summers it is essential to make sure you have some shade to escape the sun’s intense heat so a good outdoor umbrella is a must if you don’t have a covered in area outside already.

Somewhere to relax – depending on the size of your outdoor area this can vary and could be as simple as a couple of bean bags, a small table and chairs or a complete outdoor sofa. Remember with all outdoor furniture to give them a good clean often and to store it all out of the weather in the winter months if possible.

outdoor living0102Somewhere to eat – of course any kiwi outdoor space is likely to already be equipped with a BBQ so it is also good to have somewhere to be able to eat outside as well. We have a large table with some long bench seats which is perfect in a large space or if the space is small maybe a couple of side tables to put your drinks while you balance your plate on your knee.

outdoor living0105Lighting – from candles to lanterns or the very fashionable right now – strung lights. Make sure to have something to give you some light at night. A couple of citronella candles are always a good idea for the light and also keeping the bugs away.

Heating – NZ is not really known for its balmy summer evenings and as the sun goes down all too often the warmth slowly disappears with it too, so some form of outdoor heating is always good! Plus if it’s an open outdoor fire you go for, this helps to create a little ambience too and somewhere for the kids to toast marshmallows maybe.

outdoor living0106Finishing touches – these little bits of detail are what lift the outdoor room to the next level, think of styling it as you would any other room. Plants are of course a great way to add some greenery and colour to your outdoor space. From potted flowers, herb & vegetable seedlings, low maintenance succulents or a lush tropical plant collection the options are endless. Plant them in varying shapes & sizes of pots and display them on the table, hanging up or even on the fence or walls. Scatter some outdoor throw cushions around and maybe a warm throw or two and add some outdoor art or sculptures.

After looking at the many outdoor heating options at Mitre 10 – from table top gas heaters to outdoor fires that even cook pizzas, we decided on the Pular Outdoor Fire in black for $399 for our space as it would not only give us some heat on those sometimes chilly Auckland summer evenings but we loved the clean lines look & the idea of an open fire too.

outdoor living0103We also picked up some kindling & logs for the fire, citronella candles in lovely blue glass, a selection of white pots in varying sizes and a few different plants both tropical and flowering to display on the table.

All up we left with:

Fireplace $399

Firewood Logs $16.70

3 x Pots: $25, $20, $17

Plants: $13.50 & $19

6 x Candles: $6 each

Total = $546.20

If you use your Gem Visa to purchase these items, that’s just $91.03 per month (plus fees) for 6 months and you would have paid off the balance during the interest free period! *

outdoor living0110

3 easy steps to make your perfect outdoor living space a reality!

  1. Get inspiration and plan out your outdoor room, you can view the latest Mitre 10 Outdoor Living catalogue here: http://www.mitre10.co.nz/catalogues/
  2. Apply for your Gem Visa here and take advantage of their great 6 month interest free deal on all Gem Visa purchases over $250*
  3. Plan a trip to your nearest Mitre 10 store armed with your Gem Visa, your outdoor inspo and some muscle to help you load it all in the car! Easy!

What outdoor living piece do you need this summer? Tell me in the comments below!

*Credit and Lending criteria, $55 establishment fee and $52 annual account fee apply. Prevailing interest rate (currently 25.45% p.a.) applies after 6 months interest free period.  Gem Visa is provided by Latitude Financial Services.

 outdoor living0108

My top coffee table picks & how to style them


These days there are so many styles, shapes and sizes of coffee tables. You can pretty much have anything you like. The current range at Freedom Furniture has a style to suit any taste and budget AND with Gem Visa getting the coffee table you LOVE is even easier with 6 months interest free on purchases over $250!*
coffee table styling In fact when I saw the coffee table that I “HAD TO HAVE” at Freedom I was stoked that armed with our Gem Visa, we could make the investment straight away by taking advantage of the great 6 months interest free deal on offer*…..plus the interest free deal made it so much easier to persuade the husband too 😉

A coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that is often overlooked. We put a lot of thought into choosing a sofa & even the cushions, but sometimes the coffee table becomes an after thought. It is a piece of furniture that can really add so much to a living space and anchor all of the other furniture together, plus it acts as a place to add both style & functionality too – SO worth the investment! Styled right, the coffee table can really make a statement! Start with choosing the perfect table. Here are my top 5 picks covering square, round & rectangular and also wood, metal, glass and good old white. My ‘HAD TO HAVE’ coffee table is the Ghost and I love it! large version numbered 1. Wharf Coffee Table  2. Stockholm Coffee Table 3. Wyatt Coffee Table  4. Ghost Coffee Table  5. Aquarius Coffee Table

Then you need to get styling! When it comes to styling your coffee table this method is tried & true and actually quite simple, you will need:

  • something to read – think coffee table books (not novels) or magazines or a mix of both, these work best stacked on top of each other also making a place to display other items
  • something organic/natural – think plants, flowers or even just some interesting big leaves or branches from the garden in a vase
  • something meaningful/interesting to look at – think a bowl of seashells or pebbles collected from the beach, a piece of crystal like amethyst or quartz or maybe a little trinket/ornament you picked up whilst on holiday that you want to have on display
  • something that smells nice – a candle or reed diffuser – remembering that some flowers and plants do not like to be in the presence of heavy scents, so keep these away from each other if possible
  • other items you may include are of course the tv remotes and maybe a little pile of coasters to protect the table from marks
  • and finally something to centre & hold all of the above items together – this is usually a tray which is also good to easily move the styled display away from curious little fingers or when you want to use the coffee table for other things like kids homework, drawing & board games etc. The other option is to use a large place-mat to place everything on if you do not have a tray, this also works really well to bring the styled items together but is not as easy to move as a tray. Another trick here is to maybe use a round tray if you have a square coffee table or vice versa.

When putting the above items together, arrange them to create interest and remember you do not have to cover the entire coffee table in stuff, that negative space as it is called creates interest too. Stack the books and maybe place an ornament on top, create different heights and use different shapes & textures. If you have a particular colour scheme in your living space you may like to base the items around that to create a more cohesive look. ghost table flat lay updated - monthly

  • *If you pay $67.30 per month (plus fees) for 6 months, you will have paid off the balance during the interest free period*

Here are some pics of my styled Ghost coffee table – I use the large host platter as my tray and then arrange different items depending on my mood. coffee table styling IMG_20150928_120742 IMG_20150928_120705 3 easy steps to make your dream living space a reality!

  • Get inspiration and map out your ideal coffee table
  • Apply for your Gem Visa here and take advantage of their great 6 months interest free deal on all Visa purchases over $250*
  • Plan a trip to your nearest Freedom store armed with your Gem Visa, your coffee table inspo and some muscle to help you load it all in the car! Easy!

COMP CLOSED – WINNER is Susi Lay please email me with your best delivery address here or PM on the MBS Facebook Page 

What coffee table would you buy? I am giving one lucky person the chance to win a $250 Freedom voucher to make their coffee table dream a reality!** Comment below to enter! Competition closes Monday 30th November, winner will be announced on here.GEM

*Credit and Lending criteria, $55 establishment fee and $52 annual account fee apply. Prevailing interest rate (currently 25.45% p.a.) applies after 6 months interest free period.  Gem Visa is provided by Latitude Financial Services.

**The organiser and promoter of this competition is mybelovedstyle.com. Latitude Financial Services is not an organiser or promoter of, nor is it otherwise involved with, this competition.

wall dots


When it comes to hanging art on my walls at home and especially my own photographs I am always on the look out for something a little different and ways to mix up the displays, so when I discovered the wall dots at Happy Moose I knew I was onto something special and something that would look either great on its own or paired up with my other prints and photos I already have displayed around the house.

The process of loading and ordering your wall dots on the Happy Moose site is very straightforward, quick and easy to use. And my wall dots were with me within a matter of days too, great service.

I ended up choosing to print a mixture of photos in the 48 x 48 size and of both my own photos and some other landscape shots. I also went for a mixture of brights and more muted tones, with the idea of using them in different places around home.

I won’t lie when my wall dots first arrived I was pretty worried that I was going to ruin them when I tried to apply them to the wall, even though I had read how easy they were to apply I doubted my ability but was more than pleasantly surprised – when they say these are easy to apply they mean it, it was so easy and I could easily remove them and reposition them over & over if needed.

I could not be happier with the results and have styled up all of the wall dots to show how easily in just one setting you can use wall dots and soft furnishings and other items around the home to change up the look of a room.

wall dots1wall dots2wall dots7wall dots5wall dots3wall dots6wall dots4

* I was gifted my choice of wall dots in exchange for editorial consideration. All thoughts, ideas & opinions are my own.



A little office organising – before & after

No joke my home office space can pretty much go from organised and tidy to horrendously messy in what seems like the blink of an eye, and I am over it!

I am guessing the fact that my office space also doubles as a play room and spare room all at the same time probably has something to do with it, and papers and other bits & pieces tend to just get dumped on my desk with no real home or place to go. I tidy it all, sorting through the piles and piles of paper only to have more piles of paper to sort through over and over again.

To give you an idea of the chaos, here is a pic of my home office space BEFORE I got more organised. Stuff. Everywhere. Way too much going on to really even think straight or get creative, let alone move.

home office makeover1

So it’s obvious I needed to do a little lot of tidying and also needed something that would keep my space organised for more than a few minutes, look good and not cost a fortune. When I saw the new Natural Glam Uniti range, exclusive to Warehouse Stationery I knew I was sorted.

This range is really well thought out and would suit any home office with its natural look, and touches of black & gold. Along with this it has the added bonus of being extremely affordable!

Check out how I’ve used it…

home office make over4

home office make over2

home office make over5

home office make over6

home office make over1

home office make over8


home office make over3

Here is the AFTER shot of my newly organised home office workspace, it already feels calmer and I now feel inspired to continue to write & create without having to make my way through piles of stuff first, plus I feel that with the new files boxes and folders I will be able to keep this organised office thing up easy peasy!

home office makeover2


I have a $50 Warehouse Stationery voucher to GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page here – just simply tell me over on the facebook post what your favourite product from the Uniti Natural Glam range is, tag a couple of friends who might also like to enter and you are in the draw. The winner will be announced here on the blog on Friday 4th September at 5pm.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for this post.The views expressed above by the author(s) are 100% honest and to the best of their knowledge at time of publication. 

a living room update

So for the last 4 years we have had our red couch and I decided recently it was time for a change and a bit of a living room update, we now have a new pale blue sofa and I have removed all of the red from the living room and worked with everything I already had, so a new sofa but that is it, as much as I loved my red couch this current set up feels a little more calming which to be honest at present is exactly what I need.

new living room 2

By just removing my red couch and red cushions and rearranging some of the furniture I have a what feels like an entire new room.

new living room 1

I have added a few new prints to the wall but everything else has pretty much remained the same.

new living room 3

I need one more print for the wall here and I have removed some of the red but again all the same as before otherwise.

new living room

A few added touches of blush pink, copper and mint green (taken from another room) that did not go with the red before.

I have not been able to completely part with my red couch as yet and it currently resides in our garage hopefully to be added to a new room coming soon…..