style secrets for unstoppable mums

When it comes to life as a mum we are all unstoppable but it can be so easy to get caught up in the 24/7 responsibility and rush of it all that we also tend to forget about ourselves and end up putting ourselves last. We are all too often the last to eat, the last to bed, the one drinking the cold cups of tea or coffee and almost always the last to get ready and therefore sometimes just throwing on whatever we can find that isn’t (too) crumpled or dirty! Style can be the last thing on our minds.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, over the last year I have been making more of an effort to make sure that I don’t always come last and also discover my own personal style, whilst continuing to be an unstoppable mum. I have come up with a few ways to make sure that style is not last on my list and still have time to drink a hot cup of coffee once in awhile too!  Make sure to read to the end for your chance to enter to WIN with Ziera shoes.


Starting the day feeling a little organised always gets me off on the right foot and so planning my outfit has become a bit of a night time ritual, I plan & get out everything and have it all hanging on my wardrobe door with my shoes out as well ready for the morning. If I don’t do this I can guarantee I will try on at least 3 things in the morning, discarding the choices that did not make it onto the bed for me to the have to put away later and most likely will be unable to find a clean pair of socks or stockings either. I even do this with the girls uniforms so that everyone just has to get dressed without having to find anything at the start of the day. With planning my outfit the night before I find that I am always happy with my choice in the morning and can sometimes even be the first ready!


To make the above step easier, organising your wardrobe is a must! I am not talking about where everything is only made up of 3 colours and looks like a rack in a boutique clothing store or something from pinterest (but wouldn’t that be nice) just more along the lines of removing clutter and those things you know you NEVER wear then with what is left keep each clothing type together, so all the jeans together, then the pants, skirts, long sleeved tops, then short sleeved tops, jackets, coats etc. and invest in some good coat hangers too so that when it comes to not only planning & choosing outfits it’s easier, and putting things away becomes easier too. We are not all blessed with those amazing walk in wardrobes, with shelves and racks everywhere…maybe one day, but you can still keep things clutter free, sorted and easy to find even with the smallest of wardrobes, trust me I have one! This simple step also helps you know what you have and makes it so much easier to put outfits together each night.


When it comes to style, shoes are one of my most favourite fashion items! In my mind shoes can make or break an outfit, not only in the look but the comfort of them too. It’s all very well to have the most beautiful stiletto heels, but if you are hobbling about half way through the day because they are so damn uncomfortable and are literally killing your feet then they ARE breaking the outfit. With winter fast approaching so too is the need for warmer shoes and my most favourite shoes of all, ankle boots! I love ankle boots, they are flattering, go with just about everything & look great flat or with a heel. For the last couple of years I have been on the hunt for a pair of tan heeled ankle boots, I have some flat black ones that I have thrashed season after season but have never found the perfect tan ankle boot until now! Thankfully one of my favourite shoe brands Ziera have come to the rescue again with the Toledo ankle boot, in TAN! (they also come in Platinum!) These boots are not only gorgeous but ridiculously comfortable too, meaning I can wear them all day, with almost any outfit and remain an unstoppable mum too!


Style is not about making sure you are wearing the latest fashion or the exact outfit on the mannequin in a store front window, style is about you and your originality. As they say, ‘fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it!’ Remember to wear what you love, be adventurous and break the rules. Most importantly believe in yourself and honestly that is what will shine through, rock those new boots with that dress you have had for years. As mums, it is so important to show our children our belief in ourselves and if a rocking outfit makes you feel that much more unstoppable then wear it with confidence! Awhile back I would’ve worried that maybe I was too ‘old’ to shop at certain stores and yes there are some items in those stores that are not for me (by choice) but there are also plenty of options that I can wear and will regardless of my age because if it makes me feel good then I am all about it.


Lastly as much as it is important to rock your own style & believe in your style there is nothing wrong with looking for style inspiration in all sorts of places, be it magazines, blogs, Pinterest or Instagram or from those amazing women we know & love like our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends. There is something empowering about being surrounded and inspired by the amazing women in our lives and Ziera are continuing their mission to empower and support women not just by making them feel and look great but also by giving us all the chance to nominate the unstoppable women in our lives with Ziera’s new ‘Be Unstoppable’ campaign celebrating women doing great things.

Ziera is searching for unstoppable women to win one of five prizes of $2,500 plus five pairs of shoes to give them a helping hand towards achieving great things. You can nominate as many unstoppable women as you like. Each time you nominate, you’ll go into the draw to win one of 100 pairs of shoes, one for you and one for the person you nominate. Achieve the extraordinary every day. Be unstoppable. Nominate the unstoppable women in your life HERE.

WINNER is MICHELLE SOKOLICH, YAY!!! please email me with your details to get the voucher out to you asap.

PLUS you can also WIN a $250 voucher towards your own new pair of Ziera shoes by heading over to Ziera having a look at their latest range then commenting below and letting me know which pair of Ziera shoes would make you even more unstoppable. Competition closes April 12th. The winner will be announced here on the blog. NZ residents only.



It’s true a pair of shoes can change your life…

oxford shoes can change your life

They say Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, and well, I think they might be right! I have recently started wearing what are easily my most favourite shoes to date – the fact that they are both stylish & comfortable (yes, that is possible in a shoe) has changed my life. And a pair could change yours too as I have a pair to GIVEAWAY so make sure you to read to the bottom.

Back before I was a busy mum of two, I had no issue with wearing uncomfortable shoes out all day or all night (back when I could stay out all night). Shoes that quite literally left me hobbling for days after, all because they looked good and that was all that mattered. These days I tend to find myself wearing some form of sneaker more often than I would like to admit to for comfort’s sake, and also to be able to keep up with my two energetic girls.

BUT after recently deciding to update my wardrobe a little (okay a lot!), and also wanting to dress up and wear make up for more than just special occasions, I have had to reassess my standard sneaker go to. They don’t go with everything and you can’t really dress them up, PLUS who knew that a lot of those sneakers can actually be really uncomfortable?!

So an update in my wardrobe lead to an update in shoes – and for me this update came in the form of a pair of Oxford-style Orions from the new limited edition designer collection at Ziera. These shoes are not only beautifully made, stylish and easy to wear with practically anything, but seriously comfortable too. They also have the Ziera Your Feet Your Fit system, which means with the help of handy inserts you can tailor the shoes to fit your feet – soooooo good!

Seeing as I am all about my new wardrobe at the moment I thought I would share with you just how versatile these shoes are and some of my favourite outfits paired with my new favourite shoes.

oxford shoes can change your life
Ziera Orion Shoes, Max Fashions Jeans, Decjuba Long Sleeved Knit and Dotti Sherpa Vest

I love to wear jeans and the Ziera Orions go perfectly with jeans, a simple black knit top and a cute sherpa vest; the perfect outfit for coffee with friends or a spot of shopping.

oxford shoes can change your life
Ziera Orion Shoes, Decjuba Constance Shirt, Queen of the Foxes lace braletteDecjuba black pants & Amelia Boland tan leather pouch


A new favourite edition to my updated wardrobe is the simple shirt. Paired with my Ziera Orions and some plain black pants, this is perfect for a day at the office or meeting friends for lunch.

oxford shoes can change your life
Ziera Orion shoes, Glassons hat & print dress, Cotton On sunnies & bracelets from Lindi Kingi

I am making an effort to wear more dresses and more colour, and my Ziera Orions look perfect paired with tights and a pretty dress. An outfit to be worn for any special occasion or just because you feel like it, of course.


I could not be happier with my new Ziera Orion shoes, and they have changed my life. I can now still wear stylish shoes without compromising on comfort at all and I already have my eyes on not one but two other pairs! PLUS I am lucky enough to be able to share the new-shoe love with one lucky reader as I have a pair of your choice up to the value of $300 from the Ziera range to giveaway.

WINNER IS KAREN ELLIOT – please email me to claim your prize!

oxford shoes can change your life

Thanks to Ziera Shoes for making this post possible.

simplifying life using my tablet

Who isn’t all about finding ways to make life a little bit easier? For me it is a priority, I love discovering new simpler ways of doing things and in turn getting more time out of the day to do the things I love. One of my must have tools when it comes to making things easier & simplifying life is my tablet, I use it for all sorts from organising the girls to unwinding for 5 minutes.

My tablet of choice is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – it is so slim, light and portable that I can take it anywhere, it honestly weighs no more than my phone and slips easily into my handbag. The display is out of this world, with what they call Super AMOLED technology so viewing photos on the likes of Instagram or watching movies is as good as any high def TV. It also comes with MS Office functionality pre-loaded, makes better use of the screen with multi-window functionality and has extended storage of up to 128MB PLUS I can sync everything from my S6 phone to my S2 tablet.

With all of the above technology the S2 tablet of course helps with all things work and blogging related, that pretty much goes without saying but there are some other reasons why I would be lost without my tablet too. Here they are…

samsung galaxy s2 tablet 4Writing lists

I love writing lists, in fact I have recently come to realise that I can no longer rely on the lists I keep in my head or on random scraps of paper, they have to be written down, somewhere centralised and in my case they all go into an app called Wunderlist. This app is perfect for me as Wunderlist keeps all my notes in one place and with me at all times. I like to write the lists in Wunderlist on my tablet and I can then pick them up off my phone if need be when out and about – life changing and far easier than trying to find that random scrap of paper that I wrote something on 2 days ago.
samsung galaxy s2 tablet 5

Getting chores done

Okay so that heading is maybe a little misleading, no my tablet does not vacuum or stack the dishwasher, but it is a lifesaver for when I need to get those things done fast (who likes to spend more time than necessary on housework?) With apps like YouTubeKids, Neon or any of the millions of learning games available on Google Play, I feel that I can safely sit my kids down with something to keep them entertained on those days where for some reason there is more laundry and more housework than normal. They both love nothing more than making a movie fort of sorts in their bunk beds and hunkering down for an hour or so whilst I tackle the jobs that they are not so ready to help with, plus with the tablet they can easily move away from me and the noisy vacuum cleaner if need be. It is amazing how much housework you can get done in the space of an hour or so when the kids are entertained (and their mess is contained in their movie fort)
samsung galaxy s2 tablet

Cooking & Baking

Again not to mislead, no the tablet does not cook nor bake (when will they invent one of those?) but when it comes to having my favourite recipes on hand that are not in any of my beautiful recipe books, the tablet is great. I cannot begin to count how many times I have used the Sunday Pancakes recipe from the Chelsea website on my tablet, it is one of our family faves plus with my tablet I can watch YouTube vids of some of my favourite chefs making new recipes. This is super handy when the recipes are that little more complex and involve a few complicated steps.
Samsung galaxy s2 tablet 3

When sport is on TV

Now I am not saying I don’t like sport (okay, okay I am not its biggest fan) and I do prefer to see something live rather than on TV, so when a big game is on and the TV is outside of my control I do tend to turn to my tablet, plug in my headphones and log in to the likes of NetFlix or Neon, and watch myself a good chick flick or doco (I was hooked just like everyone else on Making A Murderer) The best thing about my S2 Tablet and watching movies is that with it being so light and the screen resolution so clear it is a far better option than trying to watch on a computer, and I can still hang out in the lounge at the same time.
samsung galaxy s2 tablet 1

Mindfulness & Meditation

I am a big fan of mindfulness and one of the reasons I like to have a more simplified life with hopefully more time in the day is so that I can practice my mindfulness training more often, and of course because everything these days has an app to accompany, I’ve found one for Mindfulness. The Stop, Breathe & Think app is perfect for both beginners to mindfulness and those who have been practising for ages. This app keeps things straightforward and simple with meditations of varying lengths and I love finding the time to sit down with my tablet, follow the simple emotional check in and then RELAX! As silly as it may sound, with my tablet and apps like this it is amazing how I can actually ‘log out’ of the digital world whilst all the while using the digital world to do so. Don’t believe me? give it a go.

WINNER IS Sonya Graham Cooper – please email me or PM me through my Facebook page to claim your prize and let me know your choice of vouchers!

Who wants to get in the draw to WIN their choice of prizes? You can choose $200 worth of vouchers from Kmart, Farmers, Pak n Save or MTA (petrol) or if you like $100 from one and $100 from another – it is entirely up to you. To ENTER you need to comment below with which app from above you think would help you most to keep things simple and also go back the Facebook post here and let me know which vouchers you would prefer.

The winner will be drawn Saturday March 12th. This giveaway is open to NZ residents only.

Samsung NZ commissioned My Beloved Style to write this article.

my hottest boho handbag picks


I have always had a thing for handbags and love shopping for them! Plus, when it comes to online shopping for handbags there is sooooo much choice and you know when it arrives there will be no disappointment involved, because it doesn’t have to ‘fit’!

I also love the boho style, there is something about the boho look that just screams relaxed summer vibes to me. I dreamed of being a hippy just like Jenny in Forrest Gump when I was younger – flowers in my hair & long flowing dresses, no joke! Now I will happily settle for a boho style bag and arm full of bracelets.

So, for the last few months I have been on the lookout for a boho style fringed leather bag, specifically a tan one, but have had no luck looking in the shops. Even on our recent trip to Melbourne I found nothing, so of course it was time to try my favourite online stores, and, OMG! I could have easily purchased a whole wardrobe full of boho styled bags!

In my search, I found fringes & tassels everywhere, really capturing that iconic hippie and bohemian mood! It’s safe to say the boho look is very ‘now’ all around the world and in my opinion a look that you can either take to the extreme or just add a little to your everyday wardrobe. Here are a few of my top boho handbag finds:


Clockwise from top left: Stella McCartney FellaBella fringe tote, ALDO Lanque black messenger, ZARA fringed leather bucket, ALDO Maretto handbag in Cognac, The Freedom State Dilly bag, Mango fringed suede bag in grey

So I ended up going from not being able to find THE bag anywhere, to so much choice I was finding it hard to make up my mind, but in the end the ALDO Maretto bag came out on top, I love that it is a little different to most of the other fringed bags with the way the tassels have been applied and also the fact that there is a lot of space inside, making it perfect for either work or a day trip to the beach.

aldo leather bag 1Aldo leather bag 2


So with my perfect boho fringed handbag all picked out there was just one problem, ALDO do not ship to New Zealand.  Luckily that problem was easily solved with YouShop from NZ Post. YouShop is the easy way to buy items from overseas that don’t deliver to a New Zealand address.

I had never used YouShop before but found the process incredibly easy. I first signed up with YouShop and then got my hands on my US YouShop address, this is the address I used when placing my order with ALDO. The items are then shipped to the US address and YouShop looks after getting the parcel to me in New Zealand. It costs nothing to sign up and you can get access to addresses in the States, Europe & China, making those hard-to-find items like my boho fringed handbag easily accessible!

Thanks to online shopping and YouShop, my new handbag is now on its way to me as I type this and I will make sure to share some pics with you once it arrives. In the meantime sign up for yourself, search out those hard-to-find items online and get YouShop to ship them here for you! Just make sure you’ve ordered and paid before December 5, as that’s the Christmas cut-off date!

COMP CLOSED – Winner of the $50 prezzy card and a 20% off YouShop token is CLAIRE KING! And the 2 winners of the other YouShop 20% of tokens are MIRIAM MC VAN DIJK and SUZANNAH NEWTON. Claire please email me with your best delivery address here or PM on the MBS Facebook Page and Miriam & Suzannah I will need your email addresses to send you the details of the YouShop tokens!

Want to try it for yourself? WIN a $50 Prezzy Card and one of 3 x 20% off YouShop tokens (valid until 31 March 2016) by commenting below with why you need it and you’re in the draw! Competition closes on November 30th, see t’s and c’s here.

Thanks NZ Post for contributing to my shopping and providing free YouShop shipping.

cut your time spent doing laundry in half!

laundry tipsI don’t like to hate things but I HATE laundry! It is by far my most despised chore. I think the fact that it takes so long to be done and involves so many steps is where my strong feelings stem from. In my quest to feel a little more love for the laundry and take back some of the time it takes to get it done, I have been working on some tips to help me and thought I should share them with you too!

We are also in the process of renovating our laundry and so I have been putting a lot of time into researching and lusting over washing machines of all things and think I may have found THE ONE! The Samsung Activ DualWash™ Top Loader has everything I want in a washing machine and more. It even has its own dedicated built in sink and water jet, which is great when you are working within a small laundry space and don’t have the room for a separate sink, plus it can wash up to 13kgs of laundry with a selected wash cycle in one load; now that is a certain way to cut laundry time in half!samsung-washer2

So for my top tips to cut laundry time in half:

1. Have designated hampers for each type of laundry:

This cuts down on sorting time and means you can just dump the contents of the hamper straight into the machine. My preference is 3 large hampers and 2 buckets – 1 hamper for whites & lights, 1 for darks, 1 for towels & bedding and a bucket for the tea towels & dishcloths. I personally prefer to keep these completely separate from all other laundry, as they usually smell pretty gross! I also make sure to keep any delicates completely separate so that they can be washed as per their specific instructions.laundry tips11

2. Measure your laundry powder/liquid carefully:

Using more does not mean cleaner clothes, in fact from experience I have found it to be quite the opposite as the extra just leaves marks all over my clean clothes and then I have to wash them again, even more annoying when it’s not until they are dry that you can see the marks!

3. Use a great machine: 

With the Samsung Activ DualWash™ Top Loader washing your laundry really is made simple, the fact that you can wash a 13kg load means that even if you have let the laundry pile up for an entire week you can get it all done in record time. The Activ DualWash includes a built-in sink, a convenient space to hand-wash or pre-treat delicate items and target stains on your garments. Start and stop the water jet with the press of a button. When ready, drop your clothes into the washing machine. Finally, the 1000 RPM spin cycle means that more water is extracted and therefore assists in cutting down the drying time. I NEED this washing machine!

4. Hang the ‘have to iron items’ on hangers:

Instead of hanging those shirts & dresses over the line with pegs, put them straight onto hangers. This keeps them in shape and helps to keep all of those pesky creases away, in turn cutting down on the ironing time; in fact, with some of my dresses I now don’t have to iron them at all.laundry tips12

5. Fold the laundry straight off the line:

This one of course can depend on how much time you have and when you are furiously trying to get washing in out of the rain is not really practical but otherwise it really does work for cutting laundry time in half, and again helps to keep those pesky creases away. I like to do this into one basket and then sort out into everyone’s piles from there, in fact next on my list is to have a labelled basket for each family member to sort the clean laundry into to them make it easier to put away.

Do you have any tips for cutting down on laundry time? Comment below and let me know… 

Samsung NZ commissioned My Beloved Style to write this article. 

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my top 5 tips to start the day right



I consider myself a little bit of a morning person, but I know not everyone is, and I think part of my love for the morning comes from my little morning routine & my discovery of the new Vogel’s Buckwheat Quinoa & Vanilla Light Cereal. These are my top 5 tips to start the day to get you going…

ABM_14447949761. THINK POSITIVE Before I even get out of bed I think of something coming up that day that I am excited about to get the positive thoughts and vibes going, then I repeat a few positive words to myself in my head – something along the lines of “today will be a good day” or “I can handle whatever today throws at me”. Starting the day with those positive thoughts and words really do help to start the day on the right foot and make the entire day a better one.

2. STRETCH IT OUT I stretch & breathe – I don’t stretch for any long
length of time but enough to wake my muscles up, normally a nice big reach up to the ceiling whilst slowly breathing in and then down to touch my toes whilst exhaling (I don’t necessarily get anywhere near my toes, but I try!) I repeat this maybe 5 times at the most.

mbs4ADD SOME ZEST Next up is a glass of room temperature water with a little lemon juice in it, they say this aids digestion, boosts your immune system and helps to give you happy skin and I just feel better for doing it, so why not!

4. VOGEL’S GOODNESS A great breakfast is by far the most important way to start the day right and up until recently I had been struggling to find something that was both nutritious but also light and easy to prepare. I needed something not too heavy and intense for first thing in the morning but also filling enough to keep me going – then I had the chance to try the new range of cereals from Vogel’s and fell in love with the new Buckwheat, Quinoa & Vanilla Cafe-Style Light Cereal. It has all of the goodness of muesli but is lighter & easier to eat. I serve mine with almond milk, fresh fruit and a little greek style yoghurt. Vogel’s Buckwheat Quinoa & Vanilla Light Cereal has a good amount of crunch and is not overly sweet (but sweet enough) plus with 15% of your daily fibre and 12% of your daily protein needs it ticks all the boxes for me! I am also loving the Vogel’s Toppers Raw Protein Mix which is great to add to both your cereal or smoothies plus makes a great snack on its own too!


5. STRIVE FOR MORE SLEEP! This is more of a night before thing but going to bed just that little bit earlier and in turn getting that extra sleep really does make the mornings easier to bear, even just half an hour earlier than normal can help to make a difference and have you feeling more rested and in a positive space to face the day.

COMP CLOSED – The Winner is Julia Armstrong! Please private me me through Facebook OR send me an email from here with your best delivery address. Thanks everyone for entering x

To celebrate the release of the new Vogel’s Cafe-Style range I have a Vogel’s prize pack to give-away. The pack includes:

  • Cafe-Style Toppers – Raw Protein Mix, $10.99
  • Cafe-Style Toppers – Golden Toasted Protein Mix, $10.99
  • Cafe-Style Super Oats (Wholegrain oats and chia with coconut), $7.99
  • Cafe-Style Super Oats (Wholegrain oats and barley with banana and pecan), $7.99
  • Cafe-Style Light Cereal (Coconut and Cranberry), $9.49

To enter to win simply tell me in the comments below which Vogel’s Cafe-Style product from the new range would be your morning go-to AND for an extra entry to double your chances, comment on the Facebook post here as well.

Open to NZ residents only. The winner will be announced here on November 19.



wild hearts by Emma & Roe

wild hearts emma roe5Heading into summer I am trying to add a little less dark & black and a whole lot more light – & dare I say it – white (a mothers worst nightmare)  into my wardrobe and after being introduced to the Wild Hearts range by Emma & Roe, and seeing the white leather multi strand bracelet I knew the perfect place to start was with some jewellery and build it up from there.


I have always loved jewellery, especially bracelets and the Wild Hearts range by Emma & Roe makes me love jewellery even more! This range is so me, casual enough to wear everyday but also versatile to be able to dress it up too. Plus the magnetic clasp, which makes the bracelets super easy to put on is pure genius!

Of course being me as soon as I saw the cubic zirconia skull charm I had to have it, but if skulls are not your thing never fear there are many MANY other options to choose from that cover all tastes in both the charms and the bracelets, as well as stunning stacker rings and your more traditional charm bracelets.

Even better you can shop the entire Wild Hearts range from the comfort of your own sofa as it is exclusively available online.wild hearts emma roe1

wild hearts emma roe2

With the inspiration of my new Emma & Roe jewellery I have managed to go outside of my comfort zone and purchase a few items of clothing that do not fall into the dark or black category and may just have a few light & white outfits sorted to wear for summer as well as a few more charms for my Emma & Roe Wild Hearts bracelet!

Check out the full range at

This post was made possible by Emma & Roe but all ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own.


black & white polka dots for spring

I could not be happier that Spring is here and the hints of warm weather are shining through more & more everyday. Spring does not just bring warmer weather but it appears to bring growth spurts too, Miss 4 seems to be growing like a weed daffodil at the moment and therefore requiring new additions to her wardrobe for both the warmer weather and her longer limbs.

Focusing on some new options for the changing weather, we headed to The Warehouse to pick up some new Spring gears. We wanted layers, some new kicks and a new hat in preparation for all that sun that is coming (fingers crossed)

We managed to tick everything off our list and ended up with 2 great little mix & match outfits and a bit of a black & white polka dot theme going on.

warehouse spring 2015 (1)

Love this little outfit above of A’nD Spot Cardigan $ 15, Raglan Paris tee $12, black leggings $6, polka dot hat $15 and pink slip on sneakers $6

warehouse spring 2015 (3)

We also got this outfit above of polka dot pants $18, basics horse & stars tee $6, polka dot hat $15 and pink slip on sneakers $7

warehouse spring 2015 (2)

a mix & match of both outfits

All in all a successful shopping adventure! Miss 4 is more than happy with her new gears that fit well and look great and all for a grand total spend of $79… I just need to find myself a polka dot cardi and a new spring wardrobe! And you could have a new spring wardrobe too, for yourself or your little ones, I have a $100 voucher for The Warehouse to GIVEAWAY, just tell me in the comments below what is your favourite thing about Spring and you are in the draw, for an extra entry also comment on the Facebook post here.

Competition CLOSED – WINNER is Kate Baillie, CONGRATULATIONS please email me here with your best delivery address.

warehouse spring fashion5

A very happy Miss 4!

Thanks to The Warehouse for this post. All ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own.



my best hair care product find so far!

So to start off completely honestly I have not washed my hair in a week! I normally only wash my hair twice, maybe 3 times a week, but not at all in a week is new for me.

There are a few reasons why I have not washed my hair

  • I had my hair cut and coloured last week and wanted to make the most of the blow wave etc. I paid for it so why not?
  • I have not had the time, I know poor excuse but its true
  • I got totally sucked in by advertising and bought a product that subsequently lead me to buy another product that I now deem the best hair product ever

What is this product you ask? Its dry shampoo of course, but not like any of the dry shampoos I have used in the past, oh no! This is dry shampoo that has meant I have not had to wash my hair for a week and even I could not tell, this is dry shampoo that has actually helped me style my hair as well as make it appear clean.

I was not even shopping for dry shampoo when I bought it, okay I was not even shopping for hair products of any kind but I ended up in that aisle at the supermarket and then saw the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising spray that I have seen advertised on TV so many times and it was in my trolley just like that (the power of advertising! urgh!) and then I saw what I thought was hairspray but soon realised was dry shampoo, Toni & Guy Casual Matt Texture Dry Shampoo to be precise. When I read the back of it, I really felt it was finally a dry shampoo that was going to work and do what I wanted and I was willing to part with the $18 it was priced at ( a little pricey for supermarket hair care yes) to find out. The can is larger than any other dry shampoo I have purchased (can you tell I have tried a lot of them?) and I have long been looking for something that actually works.

toni and guy dry shampoo

And work it did, its AWESOME! I love the matt texture it gives my hair and also the body without looking like I have used hairspray or other hair control/body type products, I love the smell, its fresh without being overpowering or heavy and with just one application of it in the morning my hair has stayed looking fresh and clean all day! LOVE it! Who knows maybe I will only wash my hair once a week more often.

my fave hair products

Here are some of my other essential hair care products (clockwise from top left)

  • Mita Palm Held Detangler Brush – I love this brush not just for my hair but my girls too, they HATE having their hair brushed and now insist I use this brush always because “it feels good and its gentle!”
  • Vidal Sassoon Ionic hair dryer – my hair has a tendency to go frizzy when blow dried but this hair dryer is by far the best I have owned so far
  • VO5 Give Me Texture Powder – this stuff is great for creating height with control without looking like there is anything there, but your hair does feel like concrete I am not going to lie
  • Triumph & Disaster Conditioner – best conditioner I have used, with no nasties, NZ made and it smells amazing!
  • DeLorenzo Scalp Control Cleanser Shampoo – I have not found a shampoo yet that leaves my scalp & hair feeling as good as this one
  • Kerastase Ciment Thermique – to protect my hair when blow-drying or using straighteners
  • And of course snag free hairties and these funny little metal clips that I use to keep my hair of my face when at home so that I don’t touch it too much and make it oily, so GLAMOROUS!

Do you use dry shampoo? Which is your favourite?



less doing and more being – my favourite ways to RELAX

All to often we can all feel stressed, strung out and just simply plain old tired. It can be a feeling that we get caught up in and can consume us and of course in the winter months the lack of sunshine and many hours spent indoors don’t help. We need to make sure we take the time to recharge, no fancy spa days or weekends away (don’t get me wrong that sounds lovely!) but 20 minutes of you time can go along way – and by you time I mean no internet or hiding from the kids in the bathroom with the door locked (does anyone else do that or is it just me?) but real relaxing – just being!

I must admit I am getting pretty good at taking a little time out for myself (this has not always been the case) “F**k the laundry and the endless to do lists” I usually think, if the kids are sitting down watching a movie or drawing and colouring in I take some of that time to chill out too, why shouldn’t I? I want my kids to see that mum is not always running around, rushing and cleaning and doing. I want them to grow up not feeling guilty about just chilling on the couch with a book or magazine and knowing there can be and should be a balance between all of the doing and just plain being. Why should rest and relaxation only be a reward for when we have worked our butts off, sometimes that rest and relaxation should come AND needs to come first!

Some of my favourite ways to relax are:

Grown up colouring books – who doesn’t love colouring in? or doodling patterns? This is even great to do with the kids while they are busy with their own – I can’t bring myself to share my colouring in books with the kids just yet though, that for me is not so relaxing haha!

grown up colouring in books

Getting outside on a wet day, rugging up warm and walking in the rain with an umbrella and gumboots, maybe even jumping in a few puddles. See the beauty in winter or whatever season it maybe, feel the rain on your face, hear it hitting the umbrella and breath in the cold air and enjoy it. All to often we of course avoid this weather and hurry to escape it but I find sometimes embracing it and enjoying it gives me warm fuzzies and makes me feel more connected to me and my surroundings.

get outside on a rainy day

Collect flowers, weeds, seed pods, stones and leaves and create flower/nature flat lays and mandalas. This can be so relaxing, they don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to take photos of them, just make patterns and pictures with your findings and even better focus on your breathing while you do it.

collecting flowers

A little meditation is of course a great way to relax and there are some wonderful apps out there these days to help and guide you through different meditations, they don’t even have to be that long. One of my favourite apps is Insight Timer. Remember with meditation that having your mind wander and start thinking about what’s for dinner or what you are doing next etc. is perfectly normal and not to beat yourself up about it, this is all part of mediation and the practice in general is so beneficial.

meditation to relax

And of course cups of tea and good books or magazines are obvious but we really must make the time to sit down and read the magazines or books and drink the cups of tea or coffee, hey even just looking through a magazine and admiring the pictures with no real reading is good enough, pretend you are in that doctors waiting room WAITING and WAITING! (but you are not sick!) and there is nothing else you can do but sit and read that magazine.

your home & garden magazine

Please challenge yourself to relax, challenge yourself to stop some of the doing and just enjoy the being, do something simple that you enjoy and makes you feel relaxed. We are all worth this time for ourselves whether we have achieved a million things in a day or nothing much at all we all deserve a little time for ourselves xxxx…………….now I really must fold that laundry!