why everyone should have a flower delivery subscription

Everyone should have a flower delivery subscription. As a huge lover of flowers its makes sense that receiving my Market Selection flower delivery subscription from The Flower Project not only brings me beautiful fresh blooms but feelings of great happiness & joy too. Now who does not want a delivery of happiness & joy!

flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project

Over the course of 6 months of receiving my Market Selection subscription I have received all sorts of beautiful flowers and foliage some that I know very well and others that I had never seen or heard of before, it has become a little bit of a ritual that every Saturday morning I set aside some time to create arrangements with the stunning selection of blooms that arrive every Friday – my kind of relaxation!

flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project

I love coming up with new ideas on how to display the blooms and have at times been able to create not just one but 2 0r 3 arrangements from just one delivery. Even better the blooms are so fresh that they can last for weeks and I get to have a house filled with flowers.

flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project

If you have a love for flowers or know of someone who has a love for flowers The Flower Project subscription selection is the perfect gift for them or yourself. The are options of weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries, with different priced selection options and no minimum contracts so this makes everything very easy and flexible too, you can even arrange to have deliveries made for a certain period of time as a gift.

flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project

From displays of the cottage garden feel through to more striking structural arrangements or just a few simple stems in a favourite vase, I have got to create all sorts with my Flower Project subscription flowers and below are just a few examples of the fun I have had. Excited to see what blooms and creations are to come in 2016!

For anyone who would like their own flower subscription, make sure to check out The Flower Project on both Facebook & Instagram where they run some great little give-aways and share beautiful pics of their beautiful flowers of course.

flower delivery subscription - The Flower Projectflower delivery subscription - The Flower Projectflower delivery subscription - The Flower Projectflower delivery subscription - The Flower Projectflower delivery subscription - The Flower Projectflower delivery subscription - The Flower Projectflower delivery subscription - The Flower Project flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project flower delivery subscription - The Flower Project

vases from vessels around the home

When it comes to receiving and arranging flowers there is one thing you cannot be without and that is a vase or vessel to hold them and display them in.

Now there are of course the beautiful purpose made vases that you can buy from many different stores but some of these are really pricey and if you are anything like me and like to have an array of options to display your flowers in then owning lots of expensive vases is out of the question BUT there also many other options that you may already have at home but did not think of using as a vessel for your beautiful arrangments.

Amongst my favourite options are glass & ceramic cannisters meant for storing coffee & tea etc. just remove the lid and you have a vessel. I like to tie some brown twine around the top to add a little bit of interest. TIP: the twine that your Flower Project flowers are tied with is perfect for this.

flower project

the flower project2

the flower project

Little glass bottles & jars are also great for displaying flowers and you can use many all grouped together or just a few flowers in one. Some of my favourites to collect are bottles from the Karma Kola range, antipodes water bottles, pasta sauce jars and the little dessert sauce bottles. You can even add some washi tape to the bottles and jars for something different.

the flower project9

Some other great vessels are jugs, I have a few that use to belong to my Grandmother that I just love to display flowers in and could easily be found in op shops. Or currently at Kmart for $8 you can get a metal jug, these are so good for displaying flowers due to their shape and they come in a few different colours too.

the flower project6

the flower project7

Without even owning a single vase you I am sure you could easily find many options in your home to display your beautiful arrangements, if it can hold water it can hold flowers!




4 ways with a jar and washi tape

I am forever thinking of ways to display my flowers and absolutely love some of the vases I have collected over the years but sometimes there is nothing better than putting flowers into a jar that would otherwise go out in the recycling, and just by adding a little bit of washi tape (love this versatile stuff) you can create all kinds of magic!

For these vases I used an old passata jar (a fancy name for tomato puree) but any jar will do of course, just make sure you clean it well and you may have to soak it in hot soapy water to get the label off, and then of course the washi tape, you can get this from all sorts of places, one of my favourite stockists is Collected and you can also get it from Typo or Spotlight.

sweet peas in jar

For these it really is as simple as sticking the washi tape around the jar however you like, one strip of washi tape, or 3 or cover the entire jar if you want.

white roses and monochromeWith washi tape being so cheap and of course the jar costing you nothing, you can change it up every time you have new flowers if you like…..why not?

bunnies and stripesSomething like these jars and washi tape could be perfect for a wedding as you can make them ahead of time and with washi tape the colour options are endless so there is bound to be something to suit your theme.

Christmas Agapantha and ribbon A little bit of red washi and green ribbon and you have the perfect Christmas table arrangement, I used some agapantha buds from the garden for this arrangement.

Please if you make yourself some washi tape jar vases share them with me over on my Facebook page or post them on Instagram and add #mybelovedstyle and tag me @missaimeefleur I would love to see your creations!

nature art

Here is an idea for a fun project to do with your kids these school holidays, there is no cost and virtually no mess involved and it gets you outside making the most of whatever you may have in your garden. A great way to get some extra sunshine (if its about) and also another way to appreciate the beauty of nature.

July 2014 import 1319
Heidi (5 years old) made this “grumpy” owl

As you head outside into the garden, make it an adventure, a nature treasure hunt, talk with your kids about the different kinds of pictures you could make (you can do this without kids too, its quite therapeutic) take a basket or container  to collect your nature finds in and take some scissors too, look for different shaped and coloured leaves, petals, flowers, weeds, pebbles, branches, rocks, sticks, seed pods – whatever you can find. Talk about the different textures and shapes as you go, in autumn you can talk about why the leaves are falling, and in spring the many colours of blossoms and flowers around and the new buds of leaves on all the trees.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Our goldfish

Once you have your collection together, bring them inside (much easier to work without the wind if its around) layout some big sheets of paper if you have some or just straight onto the bench or floor and get arranging. We made animals with our finds – birds, fish, owls – taking photos (just using my phone) of each creation, the girls took their own photos (and then I took some too) then used the findings to make something new, so there was no gluing etc. we just created, photographed and then took it apart to create again – I found this quite a good lesson in how to use something over and over and looking at it in different ways – and bonus being that we did not have to find space on the fridge for more artwork. Once we had finished we took the findings back outside and put them in the garden NO MESS! and we now have some great photos to get printed and use for artwork in the girls room.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Our exotic bird

The creativity my eldest daughter showed was amazing, the flowers and bees below were completely her own idea, I just love how she made the bees, they really look as if they could be real! Give this a go with your little ones or by yourself even and make yourself some special “nature art”

photo (6)
Heidis flowers and bees

dahlia love

I recently bought a piece of art called “Dahlia Roja” whilst visiting Melbourne from a shop/gallery called Signed & Numbered (if you are ever in Melbourne you must go there) by an artist called Clare Toms, this piece of art has everything I love, skulls (more on those another day) and the most beautiful red dahlias as well as zinnias and what I am sure are carnations STUNNING! I am already coveting other pieces of Clare’s work.

Dahlia Roja by Clare Toms

This piece of art is what has inspired me to give growing dahlias a go this spring/summer, so that I can have these beautiful dahlias in my house for real as much as like. So after a trip to Kings Plant Barn (you must visit the Henderson store, the cafe has the best coffee & cakes) I now have 4 dahlia tubers, they are all of the “Cactus” variety, the name coming from the fact that their petals appear almost spiky I presume and in a variety of reds, pinks and oranges.

Dahlia Cactus – Friquolet

So I have done a bit of research and think I will take some advice from Garden Post on how to plant and grow my dahlias and hope for the best, all going well I will have beautiful dahlias in vases everywhere come summer. Hoping the green thumbs I seem to have inherited from my grandmother will lead me to dahlia success, watch this space.

Dahlia Cactus – Saint Sarens


a floral obsession

Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers, I love gardening and I LOVE styling flowers.

Having fresh flowers in your home does not need to be expensive, I try to grow as many of my own as possible at home (lots of trial and error) I buy them from the local dairy (corner store) or from road side honesty stalls and I have even been known to stop on the side of the road and pick wild flowers, pretty weeds or just some interesting foliage – always a good idea to keep some scissors in your glove box.

Displaying and styling the flowers again does not need to be in an expensive vase, I tend to use old jars or bottles or other vessels not necessarily intended to be used as a vase.

These tulips from the dairy and magnolias from my garden are displayed in a glass storage jar found here at the Warehouse intended for keeping coffee or tea (well that’s what I bought it for originally)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I picked these camellias from my daughters kindergarten, and displayed them in a geometric vase from Flo & Frankie Home and then simply some rosemary and flowers from the neglected sage in my garden, you can’t get much easier than that, and all in an old glass bottle

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset April 14 102

So take a look around the garden or even along the side of the road and pick some flowers and foliage to display in any random vessel in your home, I promise they will brighten any room and also brighten your day

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