updating our bedroom for summer

Heading into the warmer months (hopefully) has me a little excited and also adding all the summery touches where ever I can, the first being our master bedroom. In this post I will share with you the simple ways I have updated our bedroom for summer.

Paint – nothing gives a room a new lease on life like a fresh coat of paint. Our bedroom was the first room painted at the beginning of our ongoing home renos many, many years ago so not only did it need a tidy up but the antique white (creamy yellow) had to go.

We went with a blush pink called Friends on the main wall with a grey white called Manorburn Half on the others, these colours are both by Dulux Remember if you are painting the room yourself to put the time into the preparation first as this will give you the best results.

Also if you are unsure of what colours to use anywhere in your house or how to match them with existing colours, I highly recommend getting advice from an expert like Tina at Roomie.

Bedding – when it comes to bedding it is one thing I don’t like to scrimp on, we spend (well at least hope to) plenty of time in bed and when your bedding looks & feels, beautiful & luxurious I swear you sleep better.

Anyone who knows me even just a little, knows I am a longtime ‘plant lady’ and lover of all things green, so when I spotted the Lorne Green Duvet Cover from Logan & Mason it was a ‘have to have’ being of the highest quality it not only has the green I love but also that luxurious look & feel that I love, plus they have Super King size which in my experience can be quite difficult to get your hands on when it comes to beautiful duvet covers.

Logan & Mason are an Auckland based online store offering a very comprehensive range of stunning bedding & to be honest I already have my eyes on a couple more duvets like this one here & also this one, the wishlist continues to go on! To add a little extra texture, warmth and interest I also have the Logan & Mason Montana Throw at the end of our bed.

Lighting – this was as simple as changing up the pendant light shade from something white & very plain to something with a little more detail, we went with a bamboo cloche style light shade from Collected, it not only adds some interest and texture to the room but when the light is on we get the most beautiful shadows on the walls.

Bedside lamps are also important if you are reader like me, we just have the one that we have had since forever so I am still on the look out for another.

Decorate the walls – this goes without saying for any room but remember to think outside the norm, it does not just have to be framed prints or photos. Adding texture and using different shapes all help to add interest.

For our bedroom I have gone with some of my hats & jewelry on one wall paired with a smokey glass brass framed mirror from The Warehouse and on the opposite wall some shelving, giving us space for our perfume & aftershave as well as display a few treasures. The brass & glass shelves are also from The Warehouse.

A picture ledge shelf is also a great way to be able to display, photos and artwork and be able to change them up as often as you like, we got ours from Shut The Front Door Store. Remember if you have recently painted to give the paint a good chance to dry before adding anything to the walls.

Plants and Flowers – this is a must have for me of course, I really don’t think there is anything better than a good indoor plant or bunch of fresh flowers next to the bed, I especially love a little draping chain of hearts in the bedroom, both plants in our room have been grown from cuttings of bigger plants in the house.

Of course if you either struggle to keep plants alive or the pollen from flowers gives you allergies there are some amazing fake ones out there these days too that you can use instead, just remember to give them a good dust often.

Scent – it can be the littlest of details that make the biggest difference, one of my most favourite bedroom touches is scent. I love to use L’Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist, I waited months to be able to get my hands on this stuff when my first little sample bottle ran out, it smells divine and also looks pretty next to the bed, just spray some on your pillows 5 minutes before bed. I also love to wash my linen using the Adairs Aroma Wash in Retreat it honestly makes everything smell like an exotic summer holiday! Candles are of course great for scent too but I don’t burn them in my bedroom for obvious safety reasons, they still give a lovely scent when not lit though and look pretty next to the bed.

All opinions and thoughts in my posts are my own and feature products that I genuinely love. Thanks to Logan & Mason for the gifted duvet cover and throw and The Warehouse for gifted mirror and shelving. All other products were purchased from the listed stores.


book recommendations from insta-stories

So if you follow me on Instagram or more importantly my insta-stories you will know that I put the call out for any book recommendations as I am heading away on a winter holiday soon and needed something to read, well I was very lucky to get lots of replies and a wide range of options, plus most of them I had not read BONUS! And I was also asked by many of you to pass on the list so here it is, I will also add some of the great books I have read recently to give back some of the book love. None of these are reviews it is simply just a list, and hopefully everyone finds something good to read!

The Cows by Dawn O’Porter was not only recommended to me through insta-stories but it seems to be the read of the moment, I actually tried to pick this up yesterday but everywhere was out so I am hoping they will have it at the airport.

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, this is the same author who wrote Girl on the Train, which I loved! Have not watched the movie as I have not heard a single good review but the book was good and I am definitely going to be reading Into the Water.

The Muse by Jessie Burton, I know nothing about this book but will be looking it up.

Edie by Camilla Way again I know nothing but its on the list after being recommended but a few of you.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.

Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani.

Crazy Rich Asians and the other books by Kevin Kwan – I had a quick look at these in the bookstore and they sound like a good light read.

The Shack by William P Young, this is also a movie that I have not seen.

Paper Princess by Erin Watt.

The Pact by Karina Halle.

The Shipping News by Annie Prolux.

Some recommended authors in general were Colleen Hoover who writes romance but not super romancy R.S Grey who writes romatic comedies.

Some of the books I have read and some which were also recommended are:

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, this is also the mini TV series (I haven’t seen it but heard good things…from people who weren’t paid to say so), I have also since just purchase Truly Madly Guilty to read. I LOVED Big Little Lies, could not put it down.

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls loved this book! Its a memoir and a very good one!

Trafficked by Sophie Hayes this is a truly shocking true story which I could not put down.

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult loved this book and has a good twist as all of Jodis books do.

Flawed and then the follow up Perfect by Cecilia Ahern, these are classed as young adult books but I loved them, a little bit like the Hunger Game series.

I have just today finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn who also wrote Gone Girl, I loved both of these books, a little dark and disturbing but so gripping! If you like that kind of read then I highly recommend them, I still have Dark Places to read.

There are also some non-fiction books I was recommended and also some I have read which are:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson, this is a great book and one which I go back to a lot! Highly Recommend everyone giving it a read!

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg, I loved this book, a really good read for everyone!

Mindset by Dr. Carol S Dweck, I have not read this and Hillbilly Energy by J D Vance.

Thanks so much to every single person who took the time to reply to me and pass on their book recommendations, if you have any others you would like to recommend I would love to hear them so please comment below, thanks!








Book Review – Anything is Possible, Cosentino

The latest book I have read was something a little out of the ordinary for me, it was a memoir by Australian Magician, Illusionist & Escape Artist Cosentino called Anything is Possible and I LOVED it! It is the kind of book that I feel anyone would enjoy, young or old.

The memoir not only tells the story of how Cosentino triumphed over the struggles he had at school, and how the discovery of a single book changed his life in every way and forever. But also includes all sorts of inside information on how certain tricks work, beautiful pictures and diagrams, positive quotes & even small biographies on some of his greatest inspirations.

Apart from knowing he was a magician and seeing him on TV I did not know much about Cosentino before reading this book and I remember seeing him here in Auckland on Queen Street at some point doing some filming, his signature look is one you cannot miss! But now after reading his book I not only have more of an interest in his magic & illusions but I also have such a huge admiration for all that he does, his talent, his perseverance & triumph over self doubt to get him where he is today.

His latest tour the Twisted Reality sold out across Australia & New Zealand, so if he performs live here in NZ again I will be buying a ticket straight away!

If you are looking for something a little different to read for either yourself or as a gift this is the book, especially great for anyone with even just the slightest interest in magic but seriously a book for everyone, magic or not. You can read more about the book & buy it here.

A truly inspiring read! LOVED it!


style secrets for unstoppable mums

When it comes to life as a mum we are all unstoppable but it can be so easy to get caught up in the 24/7 responsibility and rush of it all that we also tend to forget about ourselves and end up putting ourselves last. We are all too often the last to eat, the last to bed, the one drinking the cold cups of tea or coffee and almost always the last to get ready and therefore sometimes just throwing on whatever we can find that isn’t (too) crumpled or dirty! Style can be the last thing on our minds.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, over the last year I have been making more of an effort to make sure that I don’t always come last and also discover my own personal style, whilst continuing to be an unstoppable mum. I have come up with a few ways to make sure that style is not last on my list and still have time to drink a hot cup of coffee once in awhile too!  Make sure to read to the end for your chance to enter to WIN with Ziera shoes.


Starting the day feeling a little organised always gets me off on the right foot and so planning my outfit has become a bit of a night time ritual, I plan & get out everything and have it all hanging on my wardrobe door with my shoes out as well ready for the morning. If I don’t do this I can guarantee I will try on at least 3 things in the morning, discarding the choices that did not make it onto the bed for me to the have to put away later and most likely will be unable to find a clean pair of socks or stockings either. I even do this with the girls uniforms so that everyone just has to get dressed without having to find anything at the start of the day. With planning my outfit the night before I find that I am always happy with my choice in the morning and can sometimes even be the first ready!


To make the above step easier, organising your wardrobe is a must! I am not talking about where everything is only made up of 3 colours and looks like a rack in a boutique clothing store or something from pinterest (but wouldn’t that be nice) just more along the lines of removing clutter and those things you know you NEVER wear then with what is left keep each clothing type together, so all the jeans together, then the pants, skirts, long sleeved tops, then short sleeved tops, jackets, coats etc. and invest in some good coat hangers too so that when it comes to not only planning & choosing outfits it’s easier, and putting things away becomes easier too. We are not all blessed with those amazing walk in wardrobes, with shelves and racks everywhere…maybe one day, but you can still keep things clutter free, sorted and easy to find even with the smallest of wardrobes, trust me I have one! This simple step also helps you know what you have and makes it so much easier to put outfits together each night.


When it comes to style, shoes are one of my most favourite fashion items! In my mind shoes can make or break an outfit, not only in the look but the comfort of them too. It’s all very well to have the most beautiful stiletto heels, but if you are hobbling about half way through the day because they are so damn uncomfortable and are literally killing your feet then they ARE breaking the outfit. With winter fast approaching so too is the need for warmer shoes and my most favourite shoes of all, ankle boots! I love ankle boots, they are flattering, go with just about everything & look great flat or with a heel. For the last couple of years I have been on the hunt for a pair of tan heeled ankle boots, I have some flat black ones that I have thrashed season after season but have never found the perfect tan ankle boot until now! Thankfully one of my favourite shoe brands Ziera have come to the rescue again with the Toledo ankle boot, in TAN! (they also come in Platinum!) These boots are not only gorgeous but ridiculously comfortable too, meaning I can wear them all day, with almost any outfit and remain an unstoppable mum too!


Style is not about making sure you are wearing the latest fashion or the exact outfit on the mannequin in a store front window, style is about you and your originality. As they say, ‘fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it!’ Remember to wear what you love, be adventurous and break the rules. Most importantly believe in yourself and honestly that is what will shine through, rock those new boots with that dress you have had for years. As mums, it is so important to show our children our belief in ourselves and if a rocking outfit makes you feel that much more unstoppable then wear it with confidence! Awhile back I would’ve worried that maybe I was too ‘old’ to shop at certain stores and yes there are some items in those stores that are not for me (by choice) but there are also plenty of options that I can wear and will regardless of my age because if it makes me feel good then I am all about it.


Lastly as much as it is important to rock your own style & believe in your style there is nothing wrong with looking for style inspiration in all sorts of places, be it magazines, blogs, Pinterest or Instagram or from those amazing women we know & love like our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends. There is something empowering about being surrounded and inspired by the amazing women in our lives and Ziera are continuing their mission to empower and support women not just by making them feel and look great but also by giving us all the chance to nominate the unstoppable women in our lives with Ziera’s new ‘Be Unstoppable’ campaign celebrating women doing great things.

Ziera is searching for unstoppable women to win one of five prizes of $2,500 plus five pairs of shoes to give them a helping hand towards achieving great things. You can nominate as many unstoppable women as you like. Each time you nominate, you’ll go into the draw to win one of 100 pairs of shoes, one for you and one for the person you nominate. Achieve the extraordinary every day. Be unstoppable. Nominate the unstoppable women in your life HERE.

WINNER is MICHELLE SOKOLICH, YAY!!! please email me with your details to get the voucher out to you asap.

PLUS you can also WIN a $250 voucher towards your own new pair of Ziera shoes by heading over to Ziera having a look at their latest range then commenting below and letting me know which pair of Ziera shoes would make you even more unstoppable. Competition closes April 12th. The winner will be announced here on the blog. NZ residents only.



new, tried & true!

Welcome to my first blog of 2017, NEW, TRIED & TRUE! I am someone who loves trying & buying new things. I also love to talk about the products & places that I go back to time & time again so I thought it was about time I started sharing such things here more often.

These things, products & places  I share here with you maybe new or they may have been around for awhile but they will have always been tried personally by me. They will all be things that I honestly like whether I have purchased them myself or been gifted them.  I will always try to do my best to give you any more info I may have, like where to buy them, try them or visit them, but of course if you want to know more please ask & I will do my best to find out.

Here are the first of my new, tried & true:

NEW: Manuka Doctors Foot & Heel Cream – I have been using this stuff for a few weeks now and I LOVE it and so do my feet. I find that over summer the amount of time I spend with either bare feet or in jandals (I am a true kiwi girl!) do not do my poor soles any good! This cream has not only repaired that damage but has also improved the condition of feet in general. It feels and smells amazing without having too much of an overpowering scent from the peppermint and gives some good cooling relief too. Seriously try it! Your feet will thank you for it I promise.  You can purchase this from Manuka Doctor in store or online and at selected Farmers stores. RRP $19.75 (75ml)

NEW: My Mesh Midi Skirt from Glassons – This is a new addition to my wardrobe which I have already worn countless times both to work and just out & about during the weekends, looks great with heels, ankle boots or trainers. I love that it is a mixture of both a mid length and mini skirt in one and the feel of it on is light & breezy, yet you are still well covered, perfect for those of us who not wanting to rock the mini skirts all the time….if at all! Word of caution – make sure the mini underneath is not tucked up into your knickers! It hasn’t happened to me (yet!) but I think it could easily as the length of the mesh skirt over top can give you that false sense of everything sitting ‘A OK’ when it actually isn’t! $39.99 Glassons online or in-store.

(pic from Glassons – not me)

TRIED: I have some begonias growing in my garden for the first time ever this summer and I am really enjoying them, especially the bright pink variety below, against the turquoise of the planter. They have been so easy to look after and are thriving, to the point that I might have to give growing some from cuttings a go.  Another garden favourite at the time of year are cosmos, super easy to grow from seed or seedlings and they make a beautiful show both in the garden or as a cut flower too. Be sure to save the dead seed heads from the cosmos to plant again making for free flowers the following year! Begonia seedlings & Cosmos seeds or seedlings can be found pretty much anywhere that sells plants.

TRUE: Something I have been enjoying for a long while now is my Nutra Organics Clean Protein powder from Natural Things, this is my always ingredient when it comes to my morning smoothies and for a pea based protein it tastes delicious (some I have tried have not been anywhere near as good) and I personally just prefer pea protein over whey protein. Current favourite smoothie combo is 1/2 almond milk, 1/2 water, 1/2 medium frozen banana, 1 TBS of Nutra Organics protein powder choc or vanilla, 1 tsp of chia seeds and either a handful of kale or baby spinach leaves, YUM!!! Of course you can pretty much add whatever you like because smoothies are good like that. $59.95 from Natural Things.

So those are my very first NEW,TRIED & TRUE, I have tried to keep it short & sweet not only for you but so that I can continue to keep this up and keep sharing these things with you.

If you end up trying any of the things above or if you have something or somewhere you think I should give a go, be sure to let me know!



Metallic style & comfort for the busy mum over summer

img_20161114_124009I’m normally a jandals or barefeet kind of girl in summer. However, as I have become more adventurous with my own style and stepped outside of my fashion comfort zone, I find myself wanting to add a little more style to my accessories – Summer is for relaxing after all, isn’t it? Of course a shoe that has style & comfort isn’t always an easy find but I’ve found the perfect pair. Oh and I have a pair to GIVEAWAY too so make sure you read to the bottom.

When it comes to style this summer it’s all about adding sparkle. Metallics have not only been trending in homewares this year but are also trending big time in fashion for Summer 2016/17; everywhere you look there are metallic accents and that little bit of bling. For someone who normally wears a lot (maybe too much) black but lots of silver jewellery, I love seeing the metallic trend in full force. ….my latest find are the beautiful silver Ziera Tarin sandals. Style, tick, and because they’re made from the softest leather and with easily the most comfortable sole (much easier on my feet than jandals!), comfort, tick.

Wearing a hint of metallic really adds something to an outfit which could otherwise be quite basic. I have put together a few outfits below with my new Ziera Tarin silver summer sandals ranging from the casual summer days shorts & tee to something a little more special.

Ziera Tarin Silver Sandals, Superette Boyfriend Shirt, Cotton On Denim Shorts
Ziera Tarin Silver Sandals, Seed Heritage polka dot top and black denim shorts


Nights are not always the warmest here in NZ even in the middle of summer, so I’m most likely to throw on a pair of jeans as the day cools off. These summer sandals still look great with jeans and the silver looks fantastic paired with the also very on-trend mustard yellow that I have just started wearing a bit of lately too.

Ziera Tarin Silver Sandals, H&M mustard yellow top, TopShopNZ Jamie jeans and Deadly Ponies mini Gator handbag

Of course what is summer without couple of parties either by the pool or at the beach? Swimwear paired with some denim shorts or the ever-versatile jumpsuit also looks great with my silver sandals. Seriously the most versatile summer shoe I have owned (apart from my barefeet of course!)

Ziera Tarin Silver Sandals, TopShopNZ jumpsuit
Ziera Tarin Silver Sandlas, Moontide swimsuit and Seed Heritage blacn denim shorts

I’m certain I will be living in both style and comfort in my new sandals this summer…..here’s hoping the weather plays nice AND I am lucky enough to be able to share the new-shoe love with one lucky reader as I have a $250 voucher from the Ziera to giveaway.

THE WINNER IS KATIE PEARSON – please email me with your contact details to aimee@mybelovedstyle.com and we will organise your voucher!

Competition closes 3/12/16, NZ residents only.  Many thanks to Ziera for both the prize and sponsoring this post.


How to Brighten Up Your Home and Mind for Spring

IMG_20160822_163011Come September 1st, I will be leaping into spring with full enthusiasm! I cannot wait to say goodbye to the cool temperatures and the grey days of winter and welcome a bit more colour and sunshine into my life. While doing a spring clean sounds cliche, I find the start of spring is the perfect time to clear things out – both in my home and in my mind.

Keep reading to find out how I like to start spring on the right foot and go in the draw to win a $100 Warehouse Stationery giftcard thanks to my fellow spring-loving friends at Warehouse Stationery!

How to brighten up your home:

Flower power: A fun fact to start us off, my name is Aimee Fleur, which means Beloved Flower! I’m totally convinced that this has something to do with my lifelong obsession with all things flowers – growing them, taking photos of flowers (and bombarding you with them on my Instagram) and arranging stunning floral bouquets. So it won’t come as a surprise that my first suggestion to welcome spring into your home is to harness the power of the flower! Zip to your local florist and grab a bunch of seasonal flowers or even better subscribe to a flower delivery service like The Flower Project so you will always have beautiful blooms to display. Spring welcomes the arrival of heaps of colourful new varieties such as bluebells, freesia, daffodils, magnolia etc so there are plenty of irresistible blooms to choose from.IMG_20160822_162933

Tidy time: I find that having a cluttered space clutters my mind too, so come spring, I like to do a huge clear out. The first priority is usually tackling my home office since this turns into a dumping ground when life gets hectic. I recently picked up a gorgeous desk filing set from the Uniti Bloom range available at Warehouse Stationery. The colourful floral print brings all the pretty colours from my floral arrangements into my office and helps me get all my papers and stationery bits in order – what more could I want?IMG_20160822_162854

My spring clean doesn’t stop with the office – the whole house gets turned upside down and inside out! I even extend the tidying to the files on my computer – the number of documents I have saved under a variation of ‘asdfghjk’ gets a bit ridiculous – and cleaning out my handbag  – year on year, I‘m always surprised by how many ‘lost’ lipsticks I find!

Freshen up: Once the house has been tidied up, it’s time for it to be brightened up by injecting a hint of colour into my decor. To do this super easily, I opt for changing out the small and relatively inexpensive touches like cushions and towels to ones that are a little lighter and brighter. Don’t go overboard and have your house looking like a carnival, think small pops of colour from a simple colour palette. My favourite tones are blue, green and teal to really make the pinks, oranges and yellows of spring flowers pop!IMG_20160626_102017

How to brighten up your mind:

Get organised: Once I’ve cleansed, reorganised and redecorated my physical space I always feel a lot less overwhelmed! I like to extend this blissful feeling for as long as possible by doing a bit of life planning – and this spring that’s happening in my Plant Journal from the same Uniti Bloom collection. This journal is all about gardening, meaning I don’t have to include my garden plans in my already packed day-to-day planner! If gardening isn’t your thing then the plant journal’s cousin, the spring clean journal, has lots of useful cleaning tips. They’re both a great size for on-the-go and have the same gorgeous bright floral design as the rest of the Uniti Bloom range – you can’t help but smile when you pull them out!IMG_20160822_162812

Seize the season: When you’re planning out your time, make sure to schedule in essential ‘me’ time. When life gets busy, it’s important to always have at least a moment to relax and gather your thoughts. I also write in little goal tracking reminders and encouragement notes to help me towards achieving the goals I set at the start of the year (and may have slacked off on over the last few months when it’s been cold and wet). It’s nice to treat the start of spring like a completely fresh start where I can get back on track and let go of anything holding me back! IMG_20160402_134201

I really hope that sharing what I like to do to get spring ready has got you thinking about how you can wish away the winter blues and welcome in the season. Bring on September 1st and all the spring-y amazingness that comes with it!

WINNER IS: Jo Westwood – please contact me using my CONTACT page to claim your prize!

Thanks to the lovely people at Warehouse Stationery I have a $100 Warehouse Stationery giftcard to give away to one lucky reader! I totally recommend you pop this baby towards some gorgeous pieces from the new Uniti Bloom range and a trip to your local florist. To get in the draw, comment below and tell me one thing you like to do at the start of spring! The winner will be selected and announced here, on the blog, on Monday, October 3rd!


Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for sponsoring this post.

How to create a winter oasis in your bathroom

IMG_20160615_070721Winter is well and truly here which means chilly temperatures, dark evenings and more time indoors. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a warm, dry and cozy home. Our family has ticked off warm and dry with a great heating and ventilation system, powered by Genesis Energy, but creating a cozy home is a little less straightforward. When you switch to Genesis Energy’s 12 month Happy Winter plan, you will save up to $250 off your first electricity bill*. With the money I saved, I decided to redecorate, starting with the bathroom since it’s newly renovated.

Bathrooms are often overlooked when decorating due to their practical purpose, but I think they have a huge effect on the overall feel of a house as well as the mood of the occupants – after all, most of us start and finish our days in the bathroom! Keep reading on to find out how to create a winter oasis in your bathroom (whether your bathroom is new or old) and get in the draw to WIN $100 to help you on your way!

Things to consider when redecorating your bathroom for winter:

Soft furnishings – In winter, there’s nothing better than getting out of the shower/bath, stepping on to a soft bath mat and wrapping yourself up in a big, fluffy towel. My favourite pieces are from the Sheridan range which you can get at Farmers. Soft furnishings are also a great way to incorporate a bit of colour. For practicality, I usually stick with a neutral colour palette for everyday bath towels and flannels, but mix it up with a feature hand towel/bath mat in a bold colour or print. I really enjoy pushing the boat out in winter and not sticking to the norm!

Products – A luxurious body wash or bath bomb can take your bath/shower to the next level and help you to fully relax. An accompanying body lotion, oil or butter will give your skin a much needed boost of hydration and sort out any of the dryness that often comes with winter.

Candles – Adding delicious scented candles to a room not only plays to our sense of smell, widely considered the strongest sense, but also brings mood lighting. Light the candles, flick off the lights, pop some soft music on and you’ve got your very own spa! In winter I tend to lean towards warmer scents which are more nutty/spicy/fruity – my current favourite is warm amber and peach from New Zealand brand Camille Co.

Plants – A bit of greenery can really bring that special something to a room. I prefer real plants as they purify the air but, if you’re a bit of a gardening novice, faux plants will totally do the trick. You feel confident with house plants some great options for your bathroom are indoor ferns, spider plants, orchids and peace lilies.


Storage – Coordinated soap dishes/dispensers, toothbrush holders and tumblers/canisters make a bathroom look polished and tidy. This is a great opportunity to add a touch of marble or metallic for a really on-trend look.

Hard furnishings – To bring it all together, you need to add some hard furnishings to display all of your new pieces and help keep things organised. Stools are a great option if you have a bath as they can easily be moved around and serve as a side table to hold books, cups of tea etc. while in the bath, of course. If you’re a bit pushed for floor space, a floating shelf looks clean and is really easy to install.

Using the money you save by switching to Genesis Energy* and ideas from above you’ll be able to create a unique winter oasis in your bathroom and an overall cozier home!

WINNER IS RENEE KAYE – please email me with your address for delivery of your prize!

Thanks to Genesis Energy I have a $100 Prezzy Card to give away! This, along with the money you save by switching to Genesis Energy* can be put towards some lush new items to make your bathroom look and feel amazing! Comment below and tell me how you make your home winter ready and you’ll be in the draw! The winner will be selected and announced here, on the blog, on Wednesday August 31st!

*12 month fixed term. T&Cs apply. Find out more here.

Thanks to Genesis Energy for sponsoring this post and providing me with $250 credit on a Genesis Energy Happy Winter plan.


How to feel better faster

IMG_20160610_123429While winter brings beautiful frosty mornings, gorgeous heavy coats, toasty nights by the fire and plenty of hot chocolates, it’s also the season for getting sick.

However, our busy lives mean health care usually becomes a priority when it’s a little too late – it’s a matter of recovery from that sore throat and sniffle that you’ve already caught, rather than prevention. With my fair share of experience in the cold and flu department, I thought I should share a few tried and tested tips for feeling better faster when you’re unwell – including my favourite products for keeping my family well in the winter. My cupboards are currently stuffed with Comvita products because they’re packed full of powerful natural ingredients which build immunity and keep those dreaded colds and coughs at bay.
Here goes…

Let everyone know that you’re sick – When you’re unwell, it’s super important to let people know. Not only will this allow them to take precautions to avoid catching any germs off you but, it also enables them to help you out so that you can focus on getting better. Don’t try and be a martyr or a supermum; tell your colleagues, tell your family, tell your friends… you never know who might pop round with that much-needed bowl of chicken soup!

Get lots of sleep – This may sound obvious, and it may be the only thing you feel like doing, but it works wonders! Getting some shuteye lets your body recharge and then use all the saved up energy to combat illness. As your mum and every medical practitioner has always said, aim for 8 to 10 hours of sleep each day as well as regular naps. Make sure you’ve got tissues, medication, a water bottle and some reading material close by to save you from continuously jumping in and out of bed.IMG_20160521_135047

Take a bath – Run a warm bath, sprinkle in some bath salts, pop on some soft music and just soak. Not only will a warm bath help you to relax, the steam also helps to ease congestion, sore throats and lets you breathe again. Adding epsom salts helps to ease those nasty aches and pains, draw out toxins and supply sulfur and magnesium. If you don’t have a bath, steam from a hot shower will do the trick too.

Eat plenty and healthily – It’s so easy not to eat, or eat poorly, when you’re sick – cooking and eating is the last thing you feel like doing! Even if you’re not hungry, push yourself to eat something so you’re still giving your body the nutrients and energy it needs to heal. The healthier, the better, so go nuts on fruit and vege – but a bit of comfort food is totally OK too. If you’re struggling with solids, try a smoothie (keep dairy to a minimum though) or soup.IMG_20160201_201229

Do something that makes you happy – While you should keep activity to a minimum when you’re under the weather – your body needs your energy to recover from illness not exertion – doing something you enjoy will make you feel better. Keep positive and do something positive instead of dwelling in your misery and your pyjamas – the power of a positive attitude is amazing. Make the most of this rare downtime, get lost in a good book or binge watch that TV series you’ve been dying to see.

Stay hydrated – Drinking lots of water is important when you’re feeling 100% so it’s even more important when you’re sick. Keeping your fluids up will help flush out the germs and prevent dehydration. Of course the amount you should be drinking varies from person to person depending on your size, activity level and climate so, do some research and testing to figure out what’s best for you. Your best beverage options while sick are hot tea, water and juice – yes, dairy, alcohol, soda and caffeine are ‘fluids’, but keeping them up isn’t going to help.IMG_20160403_152342

Medicate – All the tips above will definitely help you to recover faster but, often we need a little helping hand from elixirs, lozenges etc. As I mentioned earlier, my favourite products for boosting my family’s immune system and getting rid of our sniffs and snivels are from the Comvita Winter Wellness range. 13 products full of all the good stuff: locally-sourced natural active ingredients including Manuka honey, propolis, echinacea, zinc and olive leaf extract – something for every symptom and every member of our family. My girls are big fans of the Lemon and Honey Lollipops – lozenges that are both fun to eat and don’t have the “yucky taste” of normal medicines. Comvita has been lovely enough to give me an amazing discount code to share with you guys so your family can stay well this winter too! Use the code ‘Comvita2016‘ at the online store checkout for 20% off the Comvita Winter Wellness range (valid until 22 August 2016).IMG_20160724_220355

So there are my top tips for feeling better faster when that nasty cold strikes! Fingers crossed you won’t need to use them in the first place – prevention is key so make the most of that Comvita discount and start building your immunity NOW – but, if you do, you know what to do.

I would love to hear any of your tips for feeling better faster so, share them with me in the comments below!

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Simple Photo Print Display Projects


I love taking photos, I possibly take too many but there are worse things to do too much of right? Up until recently the majority (if not all) of my photos remained on my phone or if I was feeling really organised loaded into folders on my computer and the idea of getting them printed was just one of those things I kept telling myself I would get around to one day, then I discovered the Printicular app by Warehouse Stationery, you may remember me talking about this app over on my Facebook or Instagram pages just before Christmas.

Printicular is seriously the best! I can choose the photos I want to print then order directly from my phone and my photos are ready to pick up by the next day, sometimes even earlier or you can have them delivered to your door! You can download the Printicular app for free from either Google Play or iTunes and from there it is super simple to use.

Of course once you have your beautiful prints in your hands the next step is to make sure you display them. There are lots of ways to do this and I thought I would share with you ways in which to do this that cost next to nothing and also give you the flexibility of changing up the displays each time you get new photos printed.

I recently created a photoboard for my girls bedroom using a cork memo board, some string/twine, push pins and mini wooden pegs (all purchased from Warehouse Stationery) I decided on this type of display for the girls room to make it easy for them to change up the photos themselves without the photos getting damaged and no pin holes in the walls.IMG_20160511_175310It was a simple as measuring 3 pieces of string then tying each end around a pin and pressing them into the cork board, then pegging the photos on. You could always add some patterned or coloured paper to the board first to give it a bright background, I think some polka dot or striped paper would look cool.

It looks great on the girls shelves at the moment and this makes it easy to take down and add new photos to or it could also go on the wall if you wanted to make it more permanent. Something like this also makes a great gift.IMG_20160511_175158An even simpler way to display your Printicular prints is with good old blu tak, you can create almost any kind of display for any room, that can be added to over and over again. Its best to lay out your photos on a flat surface first and play around with the layout until you get it looking just how you want, I then take a photo with my phone so that I can remember where each one goes when I put it up on the wall.IMG_20160511_174901Using the square prints from Printicular you can create all sorts of shapes, hearts, crosses, Christmas trees even they even look great as a long line of photos stretching from side of the wall to another.IMG_20160511_174824Another idea is to group photos by colour or theme, the example below uses photos all with blues and greens and a nature theme. You can even make a point of going out and taking photos with a theme in mind. Maybe get the kids involved and choose a colour or theme to go with. Places like beaches, garden centres and parks are great for finding beautiful things to take photos of.IMG_20160511_175021One of my favourite displays is this rainbow of colours that I currently have in my living room using mostly pictures of flowers, leaves, blue skies and water. It took a while to get the layout just as I wanted but I love the end result.

I have a $100 Warehouse Stationery voucher to GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner, just tell me in the comments below what you most like to take photos of then head over to the Facebook post here and tag a friend who might like to enter as well. The winner will be drawn Monday 18th of July and announced here on the blog.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible.