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Sometimes the main reason we don’t grow vegetables is not because we don’t want to, but more because we have nowhere to grow them and the thought of having to dig out or build a vegetable garden sends us rushing to the supermarket or fruit and veg shop instead. With a few simple flexi tub buckets, some garden/container mix and vegetable plants and seeds that problem is solved! My bucket gardens and perfect for small spaces and tight budgets!

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I love growing my own vegetables! I have no dreams of being self-sufficient and will still be seen buying a bag “oh so convenient, when in a hurry” coleslaw from the supermarket that’s guaranteed, but picking your own tomatoes or pulling your own carrots brings so much satisfaction and its also a great way to get kids involved in learning about gardening, how things grow and possibly even eating the produce.

For my bucket garden as I like to call it, I purchased some flexi tubs from The Warehouse they were on special when I got them as there was of course a sale, so they cost me $5 each, I went for bright colours because that’s how I roll and I was wary of the black ones getting too hot, then some garden mix from our local garden centre, look for garden or container mix and preferably something that says its good for growing vegetables and then of course the plants. I currently have a cherry tomato, yellow courgette (you will need a big bucket for these), eggplant, capsicum, carrots and lettuces growing, but you can grow just about anything and a lot of garden centres now sell container varieties that are do not grow as big. I also added some marigolds for a spot of colour.

bucket garden

The buckets will need to have drainage holes in the bottom for the water to drain out when they are watered otherwise the plants will drown. It’s best to fill the buckets with the soil first and then use a phillips head screwdriver to punch holes about 10cm apart around the outside and 2cm up from the base of the bucket.

Then plant the plants in the buckets, I go with tomato, eggplant and capsicum in the middle of each bucket and then some lettuces around the outside and some marigolds too if you want the colour. Remember with tomatoes they need to be staked as they can get quite tall. With carrots they really need to be on their own in the bucket and are best grown from seed. The courgette plant can get really big so again are best on their own.

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The buckets are great as the handles make them really easy to move around so you can make sure they get lots of sun or move them into the shade if it’s too hot. Make sure the plants get plenty of water so if it hasn’t rained then a good water with the hose will be needed once a day and make sure to do it in the early morning or at night when the sun is not so hot.

Remember not everything will necessarily thrive and some plants will give you nothing whilst others give you so much you end up looking for tomato sauce recipes on pinterest! Most of all enjoy, enjoy growing them and eating them. There is still plenty of time to grow lots of vegetables for all the summer BBQ’s we tend to have at this time of year.

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  1. BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been looking for a way to dabble in a few veges but not having the space I have simply been stractching my head to find ideas. This is bright and oh so beautiful and your instructions are so easy to follow (even for novice gardeners like me!) Looks like I am off to the Warehouse this weekend to get me some rubber tubs woop woop!

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