How to Brighten Up Your Home and Mind for Spring

IMG_20160822_163011Come September 1st, I will be leaping into spring with full enthusiasm! I cannot wait to say goodbye to the cool temperatures and the grey days of winter and welcome a bit more colour and sunshine into my life. While doing a spring clean sounds cliche, I find the start of spring is the perfect time to clear things out – both in my home and in my mind.

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How to brighten up your home:

Flower power: A fun fact to start us off, my name is Aimee Fleur, which means Beloved Flower! I’m totally convinced that this has something to do with my lifelong obsession with all things flowers – growing them, taking photos of flowers (and bombarding you with them on my Instagram) and arranging stunning floral bouquets. So it won’t come as a surprise that my first suggestion to welcome spring into your home is to harness the power of the flower! Zip to your local florist and grab a bunch of seasonal flowers or even better subscribe to a flower delivery service like The Flower Project so you will always have beautiful blooms to display. Spring welcomes the arrival of heaps of colourful new varieties such as bluebells, freesia, daffodils, magnolia etc so there are plenty of irresistible blooms to choose from.IMG_20160822_162933

Tidy time: I find that having a cluttered space clutters my mind too, so come spring, I like to do a huge clear out. The first priority is usually tackling my home office since this turns into a dumping ground when life gets hectic. I recently picked up a gorgeous desk filing set from the Uniti Bloom range available at Warehouse Stationery. The colourful floral print brings all the pretty colours from my floral arrangements into my office and helps me get all my papers and stationery bits in order – what more could I want?IMG_20160822_162854

My spring clean doesn’t stop with the office – the whole house gets turned upside down and inside out! I even extend the tidying to the files on my computer – the number of documents I have saved under a variation of ‘asdfghjk’ gets a bit ridiculous – and cleaning out my handbag  – year on year, I‘m always surprised by how many ‘lost’ lipsticks I find!

Freshen up: Once the house has been tidied up, it’s time for it to be brightened up by injecting a hint of colour into my decor. To do this super easily, I opt for changing out the small and relatively inexpensive touches like cushions and towels to ones that are a little lighter and brighter. Don’t go overboard and have your house looking like a carnival, think small pops of colour from a simple colour palette. My favourite tones are blue, green and teal to really make the pinks, oranges and yellows of spring flowers pop!IMG_20160626_102017

How to brighten up your mind:

Get organised: Once I’ve cleansed, reorganised and redecorated my physical space I always feel a lot less overwhelmed! I like to extend this blissful feeling for as long as possible by doing a bit of life planning – and this spring that’s happening in my Plant Journal from the same Uniti Bloom collection. This journal is all about gardening, meaning I don’t have to include my garden plans in my already packed day-to-day planner! If gardening isn’t your thing then the plant journal’s cousin, the spring clean journal, has lots of useful cleaning tips. They’re both a great size for on-the-go and have the same gorgeous bright floral design as the rest of the Uniti Bloom range – you can’t help but smile when you pull them out!IMG_20160822_162812

Seize the season: When you’re planning out your time, make sure to schedule in essential ‘me’ time. When life gets busy, it’s important to always have at least a moment to relax and gather your thoughts. I also write in little goal tracking reminders and encouragement notes to help me towards achieving the goals I set at the start of the year (and may have slacked off on over the last few months when it’s been cold and wet). It’s nice to treat the start of spring like a completely fresh start where I can get back on track and let go of anything holding me back! IMG_20160402_134201

I really hope that sharing what I like to do to get spring ready has got you thinking about how you can wish away the winter blues and welcome in the season. Bring on September 1st and all the spring-y amazingness that comes with it!

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  1. Put up a new painting, do some kind of cool new artwork to welcome Spring in. Be that reminder that’s helps us organise around it as we go along!

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