Book Review – Anything is Possible, Cosentino

The latest book I have read was something a little out of the ordinary for me, it was a memoir by Australian Magician, Illusionist & Escape Artist Cosentino called Anything is Possible and I LOVED it! It is the kind of book that I feel anyone would enjoy, young or old.

The memoir not only tells the story of how Cosentino triumphed over the struggles he had at school, and how the discovery of a single book changed his life in every way and forever. But also includes all sorts of inside information on how certain tricks work, beautiful pictures and diagrams, positive quotes & even small biographies on some of his greatest inspirations.

Apart from knowing he was a magician and seeing him on TV I did not know much about Cosentino before reading this book and I remember seeing him here in Auckland on Queen Street at some point doing some filming, his signature look is one you cannot miss! But now after reading his book I not only have more of an interest in his magic & illusions but I also have such a huge admiration for all that he does, his talent, his perseverance & triumph over self doubt to get him where he is today.

His latest tour the Twisted Reality sold out across Australia & New Zealand, so if he performs live here in NZ again I will be buying a ticket straight away!

If you are looking for something a little different to read for either yourself or as a gift this is the book, especially great for anyone with even just the slightest interest in magic but seriously a book for everyone, magic or not. You can read more about the book & buy it here.

A truly inspiring read! LOVED it!




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