Welcome to My Beloved Style, I am Aimee Fleur (which means Beloved Flower– and there in lies the name of my blog and my love for flowers) I love to create, to style, to photograph, to cook, to plant & grow, to admire and to share and if I inspire just one person along the way then YAY!

I believe that style is something all of your own, it does not have to be on trend or fit into a particular box or theme, it just has to be yours and include the things you love, be that the latest fashion trends, a selection of many items collected over time or a mixture of both. Let it be your own Beloved Style!

I live in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand with my husband & our two daughters, our black labrador, 2 guinea pigs and goldfish plus now a cat from next door who appears to have adopted us instead.  I like to keep it real, our home is never 100% tidy and my meals are never 100% homegrown or homemade, I am not the perfect mother and I do not lead the perfect life by any stretch but I am okay with that and you should be too, you will not find perfection here all the time, I can promise you that!

I am here to share my passion for creating, styling interiors, amateur photography, gardening, DIY, upcycling, cooking, baking, styling flowers and yeah pretty much anything & everything in between and just the inspiration of the simple beautiful things in life. Sometimes I also share my thoughts and musings on parenting and life as a working mum.

Sometimes I am lucky enough at times to be given the opportunity to try, experience and review certain products and even do give-aways, so always keep your eyes open for those. I will always be honest in my reviews of products and will not promote something I don’t believe in – I like to KEEP IT REAL!

Being selected as a “suggested user” on Instagram was really the final push in the blogging direction as I want to be able to share how easy it is to take and edit great photos with your phone without being a ‘photographer’ and to also share more of the story behind my photos.

I hope each and everyone one of you finds something here to inspire you in any way, shape or form.

*all photos are my own unless otherwise stated

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